New Zealand Just Made It Legal For Doctors To Prescribe CBD Oil

cannabis flowerToday, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne announced that doctors will no longer need the government’s approval to prescribe CBD oil to patients – the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant.

All around the world, people are using cannabis to treat a variety of afflictions. From using cannabidiol

Judas Iskariot: Life in Abundance

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today it is a beautiful day on Earth. Today the sun shines on all large and small beings on Earth. Today is a day of recovery before the large shake-up arrives. It is the shake-up that will get thousands or more people to wake up and rub the sleep out of their eyes. The Earth will go from black to white in just a few moments in spite of the fact that