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Mike Quinsey 6/16/2017

Ascension is assured and the time line is strong enough to carry it forward to completion. The year 2024 continues to be the one when it is planned to take place, although if reasons come up that necessitate a change, … Continue reading

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This Solstice, Let’s Shake Up The Field Together

With the Summer Solstice in mind, I asked my long-time advisor, the I Ching, what could be done to dissolve resistance in the field and accelerate the awakening of humanity. Its answer was clear: Shake things up now and rouse … Continue reading

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Goddess of Creation: Intention & Frequency

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole. I greet you beloved family I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you as you join with me in this now moment … Continue reading

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Cosmic Weather, Midyear Report 2017

Cosmic Weather – Midyear Report and Forecast for June – August, 2017 Hello friends. I normally write this in July, but since I’ve got a moment I’m doing it now. I also am planning on some much needed rest time … Continue reading

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The Council: Who Is Looking Out Through Your Eyes?

You are a very complex being. You are, in fact, multidimensional. That is something that you will, or perhaps will not, experience soon. But, in the meantime, perhaps we may show you a little something. Our question for you today … Continue reading

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Combination of Antibiotic Plus Vitamin C Found 100x More Effective At killing Cancer Cells Than Chemotherapy

Conventional wisdom says that increasing your vitamin C intake can help ward off colds, but now scientists believe it could be a powerful tool in a much bigger battle: The fight against cancer. A study that was recently published in … Continue reading

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Unborn Babies Can Recognize Faces From Inside The womb

If you’ve ever spent time around a baby, you have probably noticed that he or she seemed fixated on your face. No one would blame you for assuming that babies develop this fascination as a result of early interactions and … Continue reading

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