Cosmic Weather, Midyear Report 2017

astroscopeCosmic Weather – Midyear Report and Forecast for June – August, 2017

Hello friends. I normally write this in July, but since I’ve got a moment I’m doing it now. I also am planning on some much needed rest time next month. Whew. What a year so far both for me personally and for the world.

I was thinking that the mass exodus of souls (2012-2017) both celebrity and non-celebrity, was starting to make a certain sense. Firstly, some of these beings can help in a greater capacity in their out of body/expanded state, secondly we’re in “interesting” times alright. Those who have graduated from this realm have my respect and congratulations. It’s a new ball game just being on the planet these days, especially if you identify as an Empath/Sensitive.

This has been one of the most wonky Gemini Seasons yet, for a variety of reasons. Some of astrological, but the majority of them are Cosmic in that there are karmic and other energetic implications traveling with them. Recently Guidance shared with me that there are three main ways that the Collective have been responding to the current and recent energies:

1) Reconfiguration – This applies to Lightworker types the most. Feelings of going “offline” spiritually are common. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as there are good reasons for this. Think of it as cooling your jets in between flights.

2) Karmic Explosions/Implosions – These have been everything from public attacks to temper tantrums by petty tyrants. The key is to hold your own and avoid taking sides whenever possible. The Blame Games are out in abundance right now, as egoic/ordinary mind thrives on self-righteousness, judgment and separation. Do your best to avoid all three. The “offloading” and reptile brain fear has been up several notches, depending on the day. Taking note of the Keepers quote below may help.

It has been wisely said that you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. You also cannot gain clarity and resolution with an issue with the same consciousness that is reacting to it either. When you “turn it over” or let go you create the space for Grace and Wisdom to enter, so you may see from a different perspective. The healing of karma also occurs when you shift your perspective, as you have stepped outside of the cycle that possibly has created and perpetuated the pattern. – The Keepers, 6.8.14

3) Neutrality – These folks are either holding space for the Collective and/or simply going about their business. Bless them. They are definitely needed and of use too.

Initiation and Being Thrown Out of the Nest

To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again. – Pema Chodron

Thank you, Ani Pema. This is the truth, especially now. One thing we can say about these times and energies is that it’s harder to hide from our own stuff as not only is karmic manifestation happening faster to us, it’s also impacting a lot of other people too. On the other hand, the possibility for High Creation is here as well, traveling right alongside. It’s a new world in terms of speed, information, change and loss. The pushback has been so intense that even seasoned practitioners are being challenged and possibly having boundaries stomped as the reconfiguration continues to unfold. Grounding practices, healthy boundaries and self-care are no longer necessities, they are vital for continued health and balance in these times, especially for Sensitives.

The Cage Busting Cancer New Moon of 6.23.17

My Guidance Team recommended and scheduled one of our healing events for this New Moon three months ago, before I even looked at the aspects. This rarely happens, so I took notice of it. Cancer energy is related to the family of origin and nostalgia. It’s also a natural psychologist with a typically less analytical approach, which gives it great flexibility and skill for “cutting through” intuitively. It’s also the “heal it to feel it” vibe in its entirety. For those who identify as Empaths, Lightworkers and Starseeds this is a special invitation to cut loose and get free.

(NOTE: I happen to love the Johnny Cash version of this song and feel it’s fitting here, but all love and respect to Chris Cornell (1964-2017) and Soundgarden.)

The BIG Eclipse of August, 2017

There’s so much going on with this that I will have another post on it closer to the date. The 8:8 Stargate energies open up the month in grand style as usual. The 8:8 is always concerned with personal power, creativity, right leadership and sovereignty. This year will be no different, but there will also be some other elements in the mix. We will be holding the annual 8:8 distance healing event and all are invited.

Looking Ahead

In October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio. Not only is this good news for people with Scorpio personal planets, this also implies a positive turn in the areas of personal debt and slavery by a system highly rigged against the 99%. How this plays out I’m not sure yet, but it’s certainly significant. It also implies a positive boon to occult areas of healing and metaphysical businesses of all kinds. Lovely. We can certainly use it.

Saturn moves into Capricorn in December, 2017. In the past this has been a rather alarmist position for it, as it’s often viewed as a “tightening of the belt” in terms of the economy and general anxiety. Jupiter helping to heal financial karma will be of service here. Historically Saturn was in Capricorn during both the Great Depression and the Recession of the 1980s. This time around Saturn will be in Capricorn traveling with Pluto there as well. There are two ways to look at this: Capricorn is related to the institutions of the waning paradigm, especially banks and churches. Pluto is a transformer and Saturn rules structure so needless to say, big changes will continue to be afoot. It’s also a good opportunity to inject some new energies in to support a new paradigm based on love, fairness and equality. To the lower octave of Capricorn energy those may seem like “hippie” or unrealistic ideals, but the awakened Seagoat in its higher knowledge and vision knows better.

For fellow Capricorn natives like myself, this is our time. There are no more excuses to claiming our personal power and using it in service of the greater good. That’s some advice however, that I could give to everyone. For those who are still here, there will continue to be work to do. Just be sure you pace yourself and include yourself in your practice of compassion.

What I suggest this season: be kind, feel it to heal it, get unplugged as necessary, practice random acts of senseless kindness and beauty and if you lose your sense of humor do what it takes to find it again.

Thank you for reading and keep it Cosmic!

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