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Bifurcation of Realities: Solstice Entry to the Eclipse Gateway

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ The West coast Gateway for the eclipse passage was initiated on Thursday June 8, and fully opened on Friday June 9 with Full Moon Gridworker ceremony on the Oregon coast. Gratitude to those who participated … Continue reading

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Lord Merlin: Tuition for Spiritual Maturity and Advancement

I am Lord Merlin; I am a Master of Magic, a co-creator with Nature and the Elementals and embodiment of Divine Alchemy. I am currently supporting Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda in their role and mission as World Teachers at … Continue reading

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Modern Dentistry Dangers Exposed By A Dentist

Dental amalgam is made up of 50 percent mercury – a toxic heavy metal linked scientifically to neurological problems, kidney problems and infertility. In 1991, the World Health Organization reported that mercury fillings are the predominant cause of mercury exposure. … Continue reading

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