Archangel Metatron: The Future and Ascension of the Earth

aa metatronThe future of the Earth is already present and available for all to see and experience. It is a dimension where many souls already exist. It is available now to all upon the Earth. Rather than moving your physical body or even moving into your light body to access the dimension that demonstrates the future of the Earth, it is simply a frequency of energy that the mind absorbs, reflects and then becomes. Your mind creates the reality you experience through

The Angelic Guides: Active Vibrations Don’t Stop Manifesting Immediately

angel messageToday we would like to focus your attention upon the active vibrations that each of you have at any given time. You are continually shifting your focus and therefore your vibration, however there are some very habitual thoughts that each of you hold that have quite a bit of momentum. Just because you shift your focus back onto the positive doesn’t immediately prevent