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Nevada Takes the Lead: Defies Outdated Federal Law to Begin Cultivating Industrial Hemp

Nevada has made a legal statement many are calling “revolutionary.” It defied the USA federal ban of industrial hemp agriculture with Nevada governor Brian Sandoval’s signing into law SB 396, which was passed overwhelmingly in both the Nevada State Assembly … Continue reading

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A Message From God: When You Open the Windows of Your Heart

If I were to ask you to list all your desires, and all your desires came through today, you would jump for joy. You would be so excited. You would feel rewarded and loved today. You would know for a … Continue reading

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Saul: You are all creative beings because God, who created you, is creative

All is well!  Do not focus with fear or alarm on the news of catastrophes and conflicts across the world.  Just hold the steady intent to send love and healing to those who are suffering, it will help them to … Continue reading

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Seven Buddhist Habits That Will Change Your Life

There’s a reason why Buddhist monks seem so peaceful all the time: they follow certain rules of living we don’t. Their whole philosophy revolves around the idea of reducing suffering. That philosophy may seem alien to you and nearly impossible, … Continue reading

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