Sopdet(Isis) of Sirius: Igniting Your Memroy

goddess isisSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self, My Beloved Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team, I am aware of a Divine Meeting that took place of whom many will know as the Council of Twelve and the Council of the Four and Twenty Elders or the Etheric Council. Sopdet, The Goddess of Sirius (whom is known as Isis, Ninhursag, Hathor, Sekhmet, Venus, Durga and many other names) brings forth this Divine Message.

The Council: Ascension and the New World

council of mastersAs you approach closer and closer to the frequencies that will allow the beginning of your rise into ‘the new world’ that you have been told to anticipate, and as your feelings of impending change increase, the worries of those who think almost entirely in terms of the physical world increase as well. We have been asked over and over what will happen to loved ones, family, pets, and friends. Will they be left behind? What will they think when

The Spiritual Chances The Sagittarius Full Moon Is Bringing

full moonDear Friends, On Friday June 9th we are meeting a very strong Sagittarius Full Moon at 18′ and 53 minutes. That means we have the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini, therefor a lot of mutable energy is going on right now. What ever we wish to do these days, the universe is telling us that it is time for a change!! Best you can do for yourself in this upcoming constellation

Saul: Humanity’s Awakening is Divinely Willed and Intended

saulWithin the illusion the only constant is change. You all know this, but you do need to remind yourselves that change is part of the illusion, an aspect of time which is the linear coefficient of the illusory concept that you chose to construct and maintain.

Now that the foundations or underpinnings