Sopdet(Isis) of Sirius: Igniting Your Memroy

goddess isisSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self, My Beloved Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team, I am aware of a Divine Meeting that took place of whom many will know as the Council of Twelve and the Council of the Four and Twenty Elders or the Etheric Council. Sopdet, The Goddess of Sirius (whom is known as Isis, Ninhursag, Hathor, Sekhmet, Venus, Durga and many other names) brings forth this Divine Message.

Dear Ones

We speak to you today from the Great Central Sun, The God Star, Sirius A. We extend Divine Blessings upon you all this day.

We are now preparing for the next stages of the Ascension process of many lightworkers and we delight in the progress being made. We also like to extend to you all however at this time that it is a time for you all to exercise discernment too.

For there is much confusion that exists in the hearts of many at this time and we understand and innerstand this confusion with the energy and status.

Our advise to you is this, stay true to your authentic selves and know that you are here for a Divine Purpose.

We are the Radiant Light, that you perceive. We are Keepers of Light and we are Creator Gods, also called the Elohim of the Great Central Sun.

We are here to awaken your memory of the creation of your soul. Your Consciousness witnessed this act of creation, after it had agreed to connect with Soul. It was Pure Unity Consciousness, until it divided through the connection with the soul creations.

We are able to be both: light-form and formlessness. We have confined our absolute freedom only to this degree. We are capable to release the connection with form any time and Be Pure Light of the Central Sun. For you, existing in great density, this is difficult to imagine, but trust the remembrance of your soul, who understands the truth of our message, as soon as it remembers.

Now the memories gradually start to re-appear, the more you turn to the Light and the more you become It again.

There is only one true language, it is the language of Light. And it is tantamount to and the other face of Love. It is Ecstasy. We are Ecstasy. Remember!

We remind you that there Is Only Light, and that everything is created from that Love-Light. This Light is the Substance of true Being. Without this Light nothing exists. Light is the component of Being, that brings Being into Existence. Being without the existence of Light cannot be recognized. Only Light makes it recognizable, so that It can be Known. You are coming from there, and it is the level of Consciousness, to Whom you will return.

You see dear children you are now embarking on the stages of the great remembering as your consciousness, enlights and ignites.

Many memories from past lives and ancestral lineages will surface and as they surface you will enter into a phase of healing and release as it is not just about your knowing of whom you are, it is also about what you are here to do now. For now we hath entered the stages of the Grander Plan for Gaia to enlighten her, to brighten her, to prepare her for the grand entrance of the next Root Race, the next Golden Age.

You see dear ones we are preparing the waterways on your earth plane to arise once more and to lead the children to the Promised Land – to the Golden Age, in this Age of Aquarius, this Age of Kali Yuga on your Earth. You have now awakened, and the Earth has now entered a stage of purification.

Dear ones, many parts of your Earth still struggle with the Density, still struggles with conflict, know that we are with you all in these trying times. The paths that you walk is never an easy one, but it is of Service, it is of love, it is of healing.

Many portals of light across the universe are indeed opening, and we are preparing now for the Grand Event of Summer Solstice and the Opening of Lions Gate Portal once more bring forth a fresh wave of abundance. Know dear ones you have entered the phase of Divine Abundance know it is there and connect dear ones with the Universal Life Force and the Cosmic Energy for many possibilities await you, many Divine Blessings are fulfilled. For what you reap is what you sow.

We send forth Divine Healing Energy upon you all at this time.

I AM Sopdet, Goddess of Sirius and I speak from the Council of 12 through Elaine taken place on the God Star Sirius A this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio