Goddess of Creation: Intention & Frequency

godmessagesNama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole.

I greet you beloved family I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you as you join with me in this now moment so as to spend time living in the energies of the divine. One of the biggest transitions that takes place through the ascension process is the realization that the divine it’s not something detached and out in the universe, or kept separated and a box or church.  The divine is you.  The divine is you as you have your link to your soul energy and that the more that you allow your source energy to vibrate in you, around you, in your thoughts, in your emotions, in your physicality the more that you are integrating and exuding God source energy. I the goddess am the representation of God.  I am therefore a blend of the energies of all who are a part of this galaxy.

The more that you allow yourself to be your divine self; the more that you will find that peace, contentment, balance, love and whatever else you may be seeking within your life.  There are of course many times in which people do have all of those things that they have manifested yet they still remain disconnected from their divinity in a conscious form, but they have an unconscious alignment with the divine that fully supports them and thereby gives them that foundation that they are seeking.

As people continue to live in the higher vibrations that type of an integration will become less stable, so to speak, because all of those other things that may be within your unconscious will begin to seep out. They will begin to interfere in things as you consciously create your reality.

Therefore anything at all that you can do that allows yourself, or you the human, to have that balance or that direct alignment with divinity that is the number one thing that supports you and everything that you are doing within your life.

When you speak the phrase that I know some people will use upon the Earth about being their Number-one Fan many times people say that phrase and they think that’s my family member or my loved ones that sees me as good bad and ugly and still loves me.  Your Number-one Fan is your divinity.  This is your Number-one Fan for lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.  This is your Number-one Fan in everything within your life.  This is unconditional love.  This is true belief in you.  No matter what you do it believes in you.  If you are confused and wondering what path to take it gently surrounds you with love and light illuminating potentials for you.

The key is that you take those few minutes a day, or longer if you so choose, to create that conscious openness and alignment.

I therefore speak of you the human and from within you where the soul is seated inside of you there is a cord that goes up out of the top of your head.  Through that cord it takes you to your higher self.  Your higher self is that blend of the human and the spirit, and from there it goes all the way to where your divinity is located.  We do this every single time we had do this channel, but I wish to speak about it so that people can have the visual, and even if that cord twists and turns and makes knots in itself seemingly; you’re always connected.  You are always supported.  It is you.  Not something outside of you.  Not something that you strive to impress.  It is you.

Phew take a deep breath in and let yourself feel the reality of what that is, and I speak of this even before we shift consciousness so that you may have that understanding within your everyday consciousness.  As you breathe in gently and easily breathe all the way down once more, and as you link with your heart center send that cord of light or energy so it moves down through your energy bodies and links to the Earth. And as this chord goes into the Earth it spreads out and every directions allowing you to strengthen your alignment with Gaia, with the Fairies, Elementals, also grounding you so that you may send your consciousness more fully in the higher dimensions and you were in a place that is fully supported while here upon the Earth.

You then breathe back up into your heart center and send that cord up through your upper energy bodies and out through the top of your head.  This follows that thread of energy and light that connects you to source.  So you come to a space in which it is as if the energies expand outwards and you are linking to your higher self.

As you look around within the space sometimes you may see some of those things you have been seeking to manifest.  You may see your Angels.  It may be just colors and non-distinct forms.  I invite you to take a moment and clear out, ~whew~, this energy.  As this energy clears out you are letting go of those past things that have not yet worked for you and in turn it allows you to be able to open up to those new potentials.

As you are ready to do so, have a sense of just sending your consciousness even further.  It follows that cord of light and as it comes to the space in which there is something in front of you.  That may just look like the white light.  It made just look like color.  It may look like a form.  It may be just a feeling that you have.

When you come into this connection with your soul have a sense of allowing your energies to merge or blend within this space. And as you do so you can feel how your own vibration expands even further.  Take a moment to feel the love.  Take a moment to recognize that this is you; you from your many lifetimes upon the Earth, you from your life times out here within the universe.  Feel and open up to that flow as it moves through you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out with my vibration and my arms to embrace all of who you are in this lifetime and every other lifetime that you have had.  As we do so you will find your energies shifting into the space of the All That Is.  The All That Is is here.  It’s massive. It’s actually limitless.  The All That Is has many levels of consciousness or dimensions.  Therefore when you come into the space there may be times it feels a little bit different to you.  It is because you are adjusting so that you have the vibration that most suits you in that now moment.

It’s quite crowded here tonight is it not.  Not only with those with whom I am speaking, but Light Beings and Angels who are here in this space.

Are you happy in your life?  Are you completely content in your life?  Do you wake up and your heart just sings with joy and excitement about the day to come?  I smile because as I made those statements I see some of you saying a little bit maybe, not all the time.  Maybe a lesser degree and some of you say oh heck no.

How often do you judge yourself?  How often are you critical of yourself and others?  How much of your decisions don fear?  Fear of something happening of not happening.  Do you have anger within you?  Now I kind of used the broad spectrum or opposites and I would imagine most of you are somewhere in between.  Maybe sometimes you are angry.  Maybe sometimes everything is in complete excitement.  Maybe sometimes I am frustrated and lash out at others.  Maybe sometimes I wake up with a day of anticipation and then maybe going to the frustration and the anger.

One of the words people like to speak about upon the earth is truth.  What is the truth about a particular situation?  What is your truth about that situation?  What is the person over there’s truth about this situation?  Are people being truthful or honest with themselves or others?  This is a phrase that is spoken about very consistently upon the Earth, but really the energy behind it is judgement therefore I would like to take a moment and clear out some of these energies that you yourself may be caught up in that also sprinkled within the collective consciousness and thereby creating opportunities for others to step into.

Take this moment and as if you have in front of you look at your life.  For some you may look and you see things that you want to see.  Others as you look at your life may see only that which is really affecting you in the now moment or perhaps is a big deal.  Others there is just so much going on who knows where to begin.  So I begin with you by saying when you consider your life what is most personal to you?  What brings you the most pain and the most frustration, and for those that say there is nothing in particular then you can float and you can move into a pathway that will give you what you were seeking this evening.

For those that do have pain in their lives let’s bring that up for a moment.  Pain sometimes can overshadow something else that may be going on.  So when you consider the pain look beneath it, or look inside it, or separated it.  So that you may know what is the root cause of pain with in your life.  As you allow this knowledge and information to come up consider what your vibration is doing when you are looking at this, feeling this, when you are immersing yourself in it.  For some it is that sense of they have literally sink down below where you were before and you are looking up at yourself.  For others it may be just a very subtle or no change it all.

When I speak of frequency or vibration this is but an example of how the vibration that you had when you came into the space, still feeling that love and compassion of your divinity and that blend with I the Goddess, it brings you into a place that is expansive and feels good and has lots of things that are fun and going on.  Then when you get into these other things that suddenly you are no longer noticing the others or it is as if they are at a distance.

I would therefore invite you to consider whatever it is that has you and pain, turmoil, perhaps anger, frustration, whatever it is that is pulling you down.  Have a sense of taking a step back from that.  Disconnect from your own energies, from all the pain and sorrow, anger and frustration.  As you disconnect suddenly you see it as a lump of energy.  As figures that a fighting and arguing.  Someone else it looks like a cauldron that has bubbling energy inside of it.  Understand that everything within that space it is how you feel.  It is what you have been experiencing.  It has been a part of the reality for the fullness of the reality of your life.

You can disconnect from it and separate from it which is what I invite you to do.  So taking another step back and disconnect even further.  As you do this have this sense of feeling into the divinity once more.  Flowing within you all the space inside of you that was taken up by that lower vibrational energy is now lifted back up again.  It is as if you are disconnecting even further from that what that was.  Certain of you are reaching out to bring it with you and if there is a reason that you need to still carry that around make it a conscious choice, because you do not need to carry that around.  No matter what is going on in your life you do not need to carry these energies with you.

So again feel the love, feel the compassion, feel the essence of your divinity surrounding you and filling you up.   Let that compassion now be reflected towards everything that you took out of yourself.  Even if you think I’ve cleared it all, I’ve done it all, I’ve moved on, and that’s fantastic.  So you can still send that vibration be it conscious or unconscious.  Still just clear it out and if there’s nothing there that’s great.

For those that have that sense of that energy and it’s all in front of you.  It’s a little blog or whatever.  Take a minute and as if you are breathing down inside of yourself ask the question, “How has this served me in this lifetime?  Does it continue to serve me in this lifetime?  Is there a lesson that I needed to learn that I have not yet completed?”  Now make a choice in this now moment that you will receive all that you needed to have from it and it may just go straight into your unconscious energies.  So you therefore can let this go.  You look down or you look out and you see that vibration that no longer works for you. You clear out your energy once more to see if there is anything left behind.  Clear out everything to do with those old residual vibrations.  You may have a sense of yourself rising even further.

So as you come back into this moment in which you have cleared out all that energy, and you are now here with your divine essence, let’s speak for a moment about frequency and about the vibration.  What do you seek to have in your life and maybe it is something you already have?  Maybe you don’t have it.  What is it that you would truly like above everything else?  As you think about what that may be pay attention of how you feel inside.  Is it something that causes you to have pain inside your abdomen?  Is it something that feels like you are expanding and floating even higher?  Is it something that resonates inside of you and you feel this internal balance?

When you consider that which you seek you can tune into the frequency of what that is and sometimes there can be a difference in that frequency in that you are seeking and what your own frequency is.  So almost as if you are thinking of those magnets that are separated from each other, but then they are pulled together as if they blend or touch one another and they find their internal alignment.  They have the same frequency and they have the same alignment.

So as you are considering what it is that you wish to have in your life, and you think about whatever it is, and you think about vibration and you think about frequency.  If you are in a frequency of alignment then everything just falls into place and you feel it inside of you.  If there is a difference then have the intention that your frequency becomes that of the frequency that you seek to have.  There may be times when it just simply can’t get there, but there are other times when if you just leave it up to your divinity, the Angels, the guides and say help me with my frequency.  We can help with just clearing out some of the collateral energies so that you are much more direct and in alignment.

If it seems as if there is quite a difference in the vibration then let’s consider something that is a little easier.  What is there that you have had in your life and you have had it before and it just seems to come and go, or you just take it for granted because it is always there?  So as you go inside of your consciousness and inside of your awareness, and you think about what that is you can feel that immediate shift and that balance that takes place.

The Earth intrinsically seeks balance.  You as a physical body intrinsically seek balance.  Therefore whenever you seek to bring something new into your life take a moment or two, or three, and consider the vibration, the energy, the frequency, whatever word you want to give it so you can have the greatest balance and alignment possible.  ~whew~ I can feel so many people shifting and you became that magnet where things just came into you.  I speak of this with detail, but in your everyday life you don’t need to go step by step by step instead it is the intention.  What do you intend to have in your life and then how can my frequency or vibration be open to receive, or be open to be in balance.

Two things.  I speak of this in such a way as I understand that the human mind likes to have understanding and it likes to have certain tasks to complete things.  So too you have the ability to say okay universe this is what I seek to have.  Work with me to create the balance or the understanding so that all may be within me.

You as the human are the only person living your life.  You have relationships.  You have tasks.  You have duties, but when it comes down to it no one else is living your life you are the one living your life.  You may be influenced by others, sometimes in a way that supports you, sometimes in a way that pulls you down.  As you clear your frequency, or you clear your vibration, anything of a lesser vibration just naturally flows away.  So you need not constantly be concerned about have I cleared that have I let that go.  I wonder if there is still a problem around that issue.  Allowing your focus to go into such a place you are immediately bringing it back.  So simply let your focus be upon the creations of what you do want in your life.

I heard you.  I heard you.  This is where people become frustrated or angry because they say, “I’ve done that. I’ve done that.  I’ve done that and nothing happened.”  So what you have done is you’ve made an attempt to clear your perspective.  You put forth a very clear defined intention.  You’ve gone internally. Done all the internal work.  Seeking to be in the vibration, but because of that constant nagging and focus you continuously pull yourself out, and then you say this is my reality.  You see this is why it’s not working.  Indeed, because you keep looking at it.  You keep thinking about it.  You keep focusing on a frequency that is supporting that.  I say this this with love.  I say this because I do not want anyone to feel guilty or judge themselves.  Thinking you did it wrong.

You have been living your life to the best of your ability and it has therefore created circumstances.  As you move forward in life you have that option of where you going to allow your focus to be.  You can look and notice the things that are going on around you, but as you do so you immediately disconnect and reaffirm here is what I’m going to choose to do.  As I said that I heard other people say, but I have to take my family with me.  I have to take my friend with me.  I am doing this for my community.

You have to do it for yourself first and foremost.  Then as you create that vibration and that balance that emanates out from you the others will come up with you, or they won’t, but that for that is their journey and not yours.  It may sound kind of strange to say well disconnect and then I’m supporting the whole, but this is what does need to happen.

As you are more and more clear about your intention and then allow your frequency to just naturally follow that intention and you will see the manifestation.  You don’t need to know all the specific details.  You don’t need to know how it’s going to happen.  You can let the universe do that.  And for those of you who are very active in your thought process then perhaps create images, or phrases, or anything at all that resonates with you that represents that higher vibration, because the intention is that you are there.  So that when your mind starts to say what about this, what about that, but whose over there and whose over there.  You can instead say stop, stop where you going and instead I’m going to focus on divinity.   My life filled with the richness I am seeking.  My life when I have that home, that car, that job, that relationship.

The universe as you can set can see is immense.  Therefore you are immense and when you seek to manifest from the heart and your soul you are manifest and balanced with this whole universal energy.  Be open, be clear, be loving, be gentle with yourself and with everyone else around you.

I can feel everyone’s vibration as you are integrating this rising even more than what it was before.  Know that this is how you are creating your life.  Your vibration, your intention, your unconsciousness, your consciousness all create the realities that you experience upon the Earth.

Sometimes if there still feels like there is this hanging on energy that you keep clearing and it comes back, and you keep clearing and it comes back, and you clear and it comes back well, then clear it out for this lifetime and any other lifetime on any place or space in reality.  You no longer need carry it around with you.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so pay attention for a moment to what your frequency is as you look at the Angels, the Lightbeings, some of the other people that I here.  I say this not to compete or judge, but simply for you to have the awareness of how high and light your own vibration may be.

As you come together as a group we have that intention that that ball of light and energy that represents the Earth, the Hologram of the Earth, comes up with in this group.  As it does so infuse into the hologram the intentions that were most pertinent to you.   So too the Angels and the Lightbeings infuse their intention into the Hologram, and as you see the intention pay attention to your frequency.   You see how it all may be all swirling around inside, but it finds its natural balance.

As you’re ready to do so you release that Hologram.  As it flows from within this dimension and this vibration, there’s a part of it that goes out to the universe and the omniverse, and the reminder goes down.  It goes through that grid work that surrounds the Earth creating or enhancing the vibration that is within here.  I moves through even further going even deeper down into the Earth itself.  As it goes into the core this vibration, this intention, this frequency naturally blends with that that is the core of the Earth, the crystals, all that is within here and it expands outwards as it comes up through the many layers of the Earth.

You may feel it coming up within you in your physical body.  You can bring in your own intention, your own vibration, letting it flow up and down through you.  Letting it go through every cell within you so that you transform your own frequency into that which is the balance of what you seek.

So too this balanced energy comes out through all the Earth, through the water, the grass, the trees, the flowers.  It comes up through everybody living upon the Earth clearing out the energies.  It works with the collective consciousness of the Earth clearing out the old beliefs, the old vibrations.  So that as people continue to transform, be they conscious or unconscious; they will have an energy or vibration available to them that they may tap into and it all clears and the vibration and the frequencies find their natural balance.

As you continue to integrate these energies once more send your consciousness up through that column of light and connect where you are in the All That Is and let all of that flow back down into you.  It moves through your divinity and it moves through your higher self and it streams down inside of you as you once more ground your consciousness into your physical reality.  As it comes within you feel what those energies mean.

Feel any adjustments and clear out on a very physical level anything you cleared out energetically.  You may have a sense of clearing it out for many, many feet, or throughout your town, or your house, or your country whatever it may be.  Allow yourself to feel the balance.  Feel how your frequency has shifted as a result of this.  This is what you can feel like in your everyday life so take that snapshot of it so that you can always come back to it whenever you desire.  Say what did that feel like again?  What was that frequency again and bring it in?

Beloved family as you move through the next several days or weeks upon the Earth allow yourself to just pay attention and various times during that your day.  Where are my thoughts centered?  What frequency am I emanating?  What is my intention for the day and sometimes it maybe that you think what is my intention for the day, for the hour, for the project, for the minute, for the 10 minutes?

Allow your focus to transition through releasing the old, or releasing what no longer serves you, and stepping into over and over and over and over again that which you truly seek to have in your life.  It’s here around you.  Become the magnet that brings it in.

Know that I am always with you and within you. Ansaluia.

» Source – Channel: Shelly Dressel