June Energy Update: Karmic Relationships


Many people are feeling vulnerable right now. It’s normal to be experiencing confusion, overload or disbelief at the world at large.

This rise in vulnerability can create drama and conflict in those who aren’t aware of how their feelings impact their perspectives and stories about life and reactions to others.

Be aware of this and don’t get sucked into a drama or conflict if it isn’t yours – practice your loving boundaries.

Also be aware of your own reactions to conflict, drama and emotion and when triggered by thoughts or events. Work directly with feeling your feeling in order to clear it. Let yourself FEEL how you feel for a few minutes in the body before you act, speak or react.


There is an enormous shift playing out in KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS right now. These are those ‘healing relationships’ where you are playing out hurt, past imbalances or soul contracts – usually the greatest learning relationships for us.

Transformations and elevations in these relationships can be more effortless now IF you learn how to AUTHENTICALLY EXPRESS yourself and your needs within them. Or where elevations aren’t possible within the relationship, a change in regularity or a period of less contact may naturally transpire at this time. Either way, karmic relationships are UNDER THE


Emotional Detox Support – Being fully present to discomfort you feel will result in FAST releasing you into a greater sense of freedom and presence.

Elevated gratitude to be alive and experiencing life, despite there sometimes being chaos around you.

Feeling more connected to your truth, authenticity and emotions than ever before. And unafraid to voice or demonstrate those.

Feeling your purpose spiritually (being present to each moment) and in the world (feeling your contribution rippling out into the world in a way that is received).

LOVING heartfelt connections with others on the rise – a new ease with intimacy.


Getting too caught up in the intense emotions manifesting as Conflict/Drama in others/the world at large. (Affirmation: “I release any energies and emotions that are not mine.”)

Distracting yourself from being present (because of emotional overwhelm/anxiety/fear).
Avoiding Commitments & Abandoning Promises to others. (Tip – Learn to be more honest with yourself and others about why you are avoiding them or honest with yourself about why you are avoiding tasks.)


Look at your levels of SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION and PHYSICAL DEPRESSION right now.

Are you giving your body or your connection to the spirit of life what it needs to stay alive and afloat? (Good people, good habits, activities and groups that develop emotional balance.)

This is important and is a DAILY PRACTICE for all of us but if you are deeply struggling, diligently check these areas.

» Source – Author: Lee Harris