Arcturian Council: The Quickening of Your Evolution

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Your consciousness evolves at the rate that it is supposed to. It evolves at the rate that is appropriate for you and that you will be comfortable experiencing. Any increase in the speed of the evolution of your consciousness can have unexpected and unwanted repercussions.

You are able to sense when it is an appropriate time for you to increase the speed at which your consciousness is evolving. Now is a time in the evolution of the consciousness of the human collective where it is appropriate for a speeding up to occur. What do you have to do in order to make this happen, you might wonder.

First of all, we suggest that you welcome this speeding up experience. Secondly, we suggest that you attribute anything that you are experiencing physically, or even emotionally, to this time of quicker evolution. Thirdly, we want you to take very good care of yourselves. We want you to notice when you are in need of rest, relaxation, and recuperation, and we suggest that you give yourselves what you need at those times when you sense that you need it.

This quickening of your evolution is a planned event. It is happening according to a timetable that was put in place before you incarnated, and the results will be a greater understanding of your place in the universe as a collective, your value as individual, and how all of your past experiences and past lives have led you to this moment. You have built quite a bit of momentum throughout all of your experiences and all of your lifetimes, and that momentum is what will carry you through to the next big moment in the history of your evolution.

Right now, you can expect to experience vivid dreams, past life recall, and an opening of your third eye, the likes of which you have not experienced before. Rest, relax, and give yourselves what you need, because humanity is due for quite a ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

» Source – Channel: Daniel Scranton