The Messenger: Where We’re Headed

energy updateOh Lord, Thou art our shepherd who leads us into the peaceful mountains where we will find ourselves.  Each one has a God and a Light within.  Realise that this Light is the God within us.  It is the God that leads us, lifts us and it is indeed the God within us when we find moments of quietude.  Then we can tune in to this Light, this God within, that will teach us to be aware and to draw wisdom from the Godhead within.  Each one, as we have told you many times, has power.  We keep talking about this power, but you do not use it.  I ask you to turn inward as there is the power and the glory of the Lord and you will be guided each moment as the time has come for you to e aware of your greater self, the higher self and of your will, free will.  If your free will would say ‘I am the servant of the Lord, I am the servant of the Most High, the higher self which is the God within me’.  Turn yourselves to this glorious Light.

The world is changing.  You may wonder where the world is going to, what is happening with all that is going on.    I’ll tell you what is happening – there is a big change coming over.  This big change is a change for you to be aware of the power within.  Walk your path steadily and firmly.  Look upon whatever is happening in the world and no matter how hard you find things to accept, have faith.  There are those who have come from a lower kind of world that has no discipline whatsoever.  They are dotted throughout the world.  These young people who have come into the earth plane, they have no idea of discipline and they seem to be drawn towards strong movements of the lower part of life.  It is to these kind of societies that they are attracted and they cause great havoc in the world.  Through a prayer previously, did we not say do you not know the power within, the power to be able to stand tall and say:  ‘I am.  I belong to the power of God and I draw on this power, I send out the power of Light’.  The Light is vibrant, brilliant and it goes towards the dark spots.  Gradually the darkness will disappear.

Now let us think of the Light that is to come.  All the darkness and negative conditions that you are now suffering will go – they will all go and they will do so because of the Divine Light that you are sending out.  You are sending out love and within your heart you know that this will be done because the power of love is within you.  Love will go before you.  Love will be as a flag that is flowing in the wind and the armada of lights that come from each of you will join the Army of Light and forward you go, forward.  You sweep away from in front of you and around you the darkness that is there because you have become the Christian Light of Love through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who is the commander of this earth plane.  So you will go forward, sweeping away the darkness until the planet earth is completely clean, bright, shiny and then will be heralded, with trumpets blowing, the entry of the Golden World.  Play your part.  Play your part and play it well.  Be aware,   Be aware of the power within you which is the Light of the God within.  I speak with authority.  I speak with the love of God that is within me and I say to you how strong and powerful is the God within.  Turn towards it and you will join the army, the army that is sweeping away the darkness.  The darkness becomes week.  It cannot hold its head up when it has no power because the Light is strong, strong, strong from each one of you.  Can you not see what you can do?  Can you not see the power that is within you?

I speak from the planets and again, I am The Messenger that brings this prayer to reach all of you.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Turn within and recognize that you have the power of love, the power of Light.  Go forward.  Join the armada that is going straight towards the darkest places.  Oh, the flag flies and the breeze of love blows and it blows.  Right across the flag you have the flame of power, gold, gold, bright and shining.  It is the emblem of the Army of Light.  Go forward now, please.  This is a time when you must use the power within.  I, The Messenger, The Holy One has indeed chosen me, I go from planet to planet and I bless each one but above the earth, that is going to be the heaven of the future, we concentrate and so do the planets, sending out streams of love, understanding.  Each planet has a different vibration, different colour.  Go forward now.  You have great help.  Know this is the time,   So, children of the Light, I end this declaration to go forward.  This is the time to go inward.  Send out love, power.  The sword is held up and it goes forward.  That means that you are now going forward.  Go with the flow.  Again, I lift up my hand and give you a blessing through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  This is the second message that has been given.  May God bless each one of you.  Amen.

Channel: Joan – – Shared per request via Email.