A Call For Action To The Awakened Community

all is love eraoflightHi! I have an important update for you dear awakened Readers! Please read this letter and share it far and wide! THANK YOU in advance!!!

That being said, I can address the topic at hand. There is currently an issue in the awakened community. Starting from popular Intel Providers fans and ending with flat Earthers. And of course everyone in between, like Daily spiritual sites visitors and even currency speculators. Now for me, anyone can be called awakened at least to a minimum degree if the person disbelieves the current matrix and is seeking to live outside of it or to break it or to fix it, you get the idea. And there are plenty of people who want to do exactly that! I would say their whole life purpose becomes reaching that dream… and reaching it as fast as possible..

But… There is only one problem. They don’t do anything!! You see they want to do something so much yet they usually end up doing nothing. And it would be even more accurate to say that they simply don’t KNOW what to do. Now I know people will bash me for saying that because they DO have a good point. The awakened community is NOT bad! When it comes to meditation, for example, they do magnificent work (as seen by the latest mass meditation) and they also proved that they can unite very well when it is needed! (Especially when their Intel providers unite, that is) So there is no problem there. However, once the meditations are over and everyone has calmed down and released their expectations once again… A question arises – What do I do now? – Seems like a simple question yet no answer arrives. From anyone. Intel providers usually get especially silent!

And so everyone just goes back to their “waiting mode” and stops there. Nothing. No more action. That was it. That was the best community COULD do and still believes that’s the best thing they CAN do… Which is wrong! Obviously! You can do a lot more! A lot! And I don’t mean some work which makes you come out of your skin, a task which requires some crazy amount of money or some kind of sacrifice. I don’t mean flying to a mountain, mass meditating, planting rocks or buying some kind of currency. I don’t have any problem with those kind of activities! I am just offering you an alternative. Something that is free, available at all times and doesn’t require you to move anywhere. And that is…

Inner work!! Of course right? That’s such a popular topic nowadays. And yet not many understand the real meaning behind that term. And even less people acknowledge its importance. Well, I am here to fix just that! You see inner work is such an important thing that I personally consider it to be the MOST crucial part in the awakening process and even in liberation of our whole planet(more on that later). But because almost no one explains it, nor encourages it, this has become quite a lost topic. Unimportant. With no effect…

Now I know that SOME Awakened community representatives did acknowledge the importance of inner work and even endorsed it. But that’s about it, as far as I have seen. Almost NO expanding on the subject, no in depth discussion. The topic quickly comes out and vanishes equally fast. Boom! Nothing. People are confused. They ask – What did he mean by Inner Work, higher self connection, I AM presence, etc.? What exactly do I need to do?  –  and receive no answer. Or usually, the community just ignores it altogether because of how the topic was presented, spontaneously and without further explanation…

And so people fall into “waiting mode” again. They seek more news, more Intel, more exterior drama. More, more, more!!! Like a man on drugs, they continue to look outside of themselves, for answers, for clues, for clarity, for anything. And like to all addicts, this addiction brings a lot of pain. Disappointment, confusion, and only more questions, exactly the opposite what they have looked for. It’s a never ending, descending spiral. Bringing the vibes lower and lower. And people easily get stuck in it! I talk from experience!

But what is the answer? I have found it. And I want to share it with you, my readers. The answer is of course in you, not outside of you. That same inner work that I talked about earlier will give you a huge boost on this path to find YOUR Inner Self. Your TRUE Self. And MERGE with that great being. To ALIGN with it completely. And finally, find your own happiness and PURPOSE!

So what is my proposal? I offer you a new perspective from outer to inner. Because in my opinion the inner deserves a lot more attention than ANY outer! So start with that inner. Listen to it. It may be hard at the beginning and that is why I offer you to do some inner work first. And the first thing I want to start with is… Well, we all know we are creator beings right? Right?… Well not really. And I say this not because I am mean but because so many from the awakened community actually act NOT like creators but like victims. Plainly victims. There is no reason to hide this because we all fall for this trap. You may ask what do I mean when I say acting like a victim? The answer is that every time you diminish yourself is when you really act like a victim. Especially every time you say you can’t do anything and have no impact on Earth you act like a victim… Let me explain.

Don’t get me wrong. There are indeed bad situations that happen in life, especially in Lightworker’s life, however, the degree to which people fall into victimhood sometimes boggles my mind. It is completely irrational and is purely fear based! YOU ARE ALL CREATORS. YOU ARE ALL PART OF ONE BIG WHOLE!! To say that you have no power in your life is simply misleading. You ARE the creators of your life. There are only two choices. Either you acknowledge yourself as a creator being or you acknowledge yourself as a victim. Either you create your life or you are a victim to the drama around you. Either you are POWERFUL, ETERNAL PART OF THE INFINITE CREATOR or you are a puny mortal human in a constant struggle. The choice is yours. And ALWAYS will be yours to make, whatever any Intel provider/site/channeling/man/woman/Jesus/Obama or extraterrestrial tells you. The final word will always come from you.

Because you are always in charge of how YOU will create your reality… But I said enough in this paragraph.

What I want from you now is to make a choice. 1 or 2. Simple really. Creator or Victim. Who do you choose? If you made the Creator choice continue reading. If not… well… you can continue as well! For the Creator group, however, I have some good news. You are progressing! Admitting your creator nature is the first step to master that nature! Now that you decided that you are a Creator what do you do? And with that, we return to inner work once again.

You would heard by now the law of attraction, did you not? This is just slightly different. You see, as a Creator being you are like a magnet. But this magnet is a Special one. It pulls everything that resonates to it’s own frequency, to its own vibration. Your social circle, your circumstances, your life events, everything. Now, this is all good. If you are a really clean, bright magnet. However, if you have a dirty, grey magnet you would immediately realize that it pulls things that are far from what you like. It would pull equally “dirty” and “grey” events towards you, it would pull the same kind of people toward you. In short, it would make your life a nightmare! And would make you look like a total victim. Total victim to the outer world…

But you would not be a victim! You simply attracted all of that yourself. Do you see the logic? And the absurdity of the victim concept now? You will soon. Just keep reading. Now the whole premise of the inner work IS cleaning that magnet of yours. Make it clean, make it bright! Of course, many of the awakened community magnets are a whole lot brighter than a sleeper magnet. But before we stroke our egos lets acknowledge the fact that we also have a great deal more of the tasks to handle, of the responsibility to liberate our mother Earth. So setting pride aside lets jump to business.

To clear YOUR magnet, first, we need to understand what IT contains, what the components are. And the answer to that is Choices! And Beliefs! (Which are basically the same thing as choices just repeated long enough) and Habits! (Which are again based on your choices one way or the other) and your whole lifestyle (which once again… builds upon your choices)

So as you see. It’s all choices, choices, and choices which again points to the fact that you are indeed a Creator of your life. But I digress. Let’s just look at the components.

Choices, Beliefs, and Habits which build your whole lifestyle. Now that we have these components it’s time to heal them! And get that magnet of yours clean and bright. Obviously, I cannot know ALL of you beliefs and choices. Only YOU do. Buts that’s OK. It’s called inner work for a good reason, is it not?

What I offer you know is to write down all of your NEGATIVE beliefs and habits. These are things and choices that no longer serve you on your Creator Path. Let me list a few popular examples:

1) A belief that you are unworthy (for ANY reason)

2) A belief that you are miserable and stuck on this planet.

3) A belief that you have no power on your life. (That you are basically a victim to your outer circumstances)

4) A belief that you need an external event (Extraterrestrial contact, NESARA, Trump impeachment, a lottery win, etc) to be happy.

Now that I have written this list I am going to go one by one through all of these beliefs and debunk them. Healing them will be a whole lot easier if you have a good explanation of why they are simply inappropriate. Let’s start:

1) A belief that you are unworthy

Well, this is a frequent one. This belief is highly inappropriate because you are all worthy if you know you are a Creator being! Get rid of that belief right away. If you have that belief because you have a disability, then fear not because you are still worthy as much as any healthy being. Because all have their own paths. All have their own different life contracts. For their own purposes. You are in a perfect body and in a perfect place and time for the exact experience that you desire! You are Creator being remember? There cannot be a single thing that is against your free will one way or the other. That is the whole premise of being a Creator being. So thinking that you are a victim to any of your issues and feeling unworthy because of it is plainly silly! And if you are feeling unworthy because you think you don’t contribute enough to the world then read on. Because this letter is perfectly suited for you! In short, you are PERFECT! For the exact life, you are born for! There is always a higher plan. So love yourself. Just as you are!!

2) A belief that you are miserable and stuck on this planet.

This one is easy. First, you are not miserable! Only if you choose to be, that is! You are a Creator being remember? And second, you are not “stuck” on this planet. You are agents of transformation! You are the creators of the New Age! You are what pushes this Ascension! So you can relax, my friends. The mission is far from easy but it’s still only a mission. You were never stuck. It was a choice all along!!

3) A belief that you have no power on your life.

As I already stated in my previous paragraphs. You are a special magnet! Another metaphor would be to say that your outer life is a reflection of your inner state. So it is always the inner that effects the outer. How is this possible? That is another topic. For now, you can believe anything from thinking that you travel timelines; universes, or that you simply pull everything with the same vibration, or something else, or everything at the same time. There can be many explanations but the point remains. One thing for certain is that you are FAR more powerful than you think you are! What do you think this phrase means when all of these sources/sites/channellers tell you this?? They mean exactly that! That YOU are the Creator of YOUR life!

4) A belief that you need an external event to be happy.

This one is probably the most tricky of all. And most addictive. So how do we get rid of it? Let me tell you MY story. You see the number one reason everyone is so addicted to this belief (in the awakened community) is that they didn’t find their purpose yet!! Yes! Simple as that. I can tell from my own experience that I have been sitting on this belief for a loooong while. Almost a year! Probably even more. Depending on the degree of how severe it was. Actually, I had this belief from my early childhood, wanting to be rescued out of this world because of how lonely I felt. I waited for anything! Even Apocalypse would be fine. As long as my outer world would change in any way, so I can feel less isolated and less painful… That was a stupid idea of course. But, so was my escapism. When I grew up, getting my hand on all of this juicy conspiracy knowledge my cravings for big changes only increased. They were just much more logical now. But the same concept of escapism remained… I only looked on the outer and only waited for the outer…

And so years passed. I looked for dates, I counted dates, I lived through dates. But nothing was happening. Nothing. It was a heartache. I was lost, confused. I didn’t understand why do I deserve such a torture! – Why can’t I finally be free!! And more importantly, why can’t I finally EXPRESS MYSELF FREELY!!! – These were my thoughts… On my journey…until now. Until a few months actually, when I turned inward and finally understood what I needed to do all along. When I finally moved from victimhood to Creatorhood. And so I began my inner work. It was long and hard at times. But I made it through. I have made a new choice, I have made a turning point and I was NOT going to back down.

And so I healed myself. And became quite a bright magnet. Which felt awesome! After so much time in confusion and pain, the life was smiling at me again. And recently I found even more clarity! That happened when I found my own purpose! And it truly completed the picture. I had no regrets. It was a magical time for me. Still is!!

So what do I offer you again? First, I offer you to turn inwards and do some healing there, I am pretty sure we all have swamps to clear.  And second, when you are done with healing or at least in the middle of the path you can begin to look for YOUR purpose! Your GIFT to share! And I can honestly promise you this:

When you will truly find Your Purpose, Your Great Gift, you will no longer look back at this belief ever again. You will simply be too excited to work YOUR gift, to live YOUR purpose. You will not be willing nor have time to get disappointed over any failed dates or promises or any other drama in the outer world. You will simply live your life. A new blissful life!

Now I know some will say – What is the point of doing all this? It can benefit me sure, but it doesn’t benefit the planet at all! Isn’t it selfish to live like this?! You are simply deceptive!! Cabal!!!  –  To which I will calmly respond: No, it’s not selfish, its actually the most unselfish thing to do! Let me explain. I talked about us all being like magnets correct? Well if go further down this logic chain then you might also see that the whole collective consciousness field of this planet is like ONE big magnet! You see? That means every time you clean YOUR magnet, you also clean the Collective Magnet a bit too! Because you are a part of it! And so the more you heal yourself and the more others will heal themselves, the more the whole Collective will be healed! It’s an upward spiral! Accelerating more and more. With even one single being able to make an enormous impact on the whole if he is completely healed and embodies his True I AM presence. Imagine if the whole Lightworkers community would do that!

So save yourself! And save the planet! Participate in the liberation process! Isn’t this an intriguing invitation yet? And I haven’t even told you just how much your life will change when YOU change yourself. Just how many surprises await you on your journey. Just how wonderful will it be! And if you have a full intention of reaching those heights, it won’t be a problem at all! I can promise you will be delighted. So start now! Don’t wait! Go and look within. What would you like to change about yourself? What beliefs no longer serve you? What habits, addictions no longer serve you? What lifestyle do you want to live and be example of? Is that of kindness, forgiveness, love? Maybe all at once? Don’t push yourself though. Go with the flow. Write things down. Transform them one by one. Don’t rush, take your time. And transform all these choices into new ones. Make yourself anew!

And with that all being said we can finally end this letter. It was LONG, I know. But it was worth it… Or was it? That is up to you, of course, my dear reader. Your choice, as always! To take this invitation and use this gentle push to finally change your life, to take that risky turn and reap the rewards, to completely let go of your previous lifestyle which you are so tired, confused and had enough of… and embrace this tempting new One!

It will still be a process. Don’t expect changes overnight (but don’t think there will be none too), however, once you have started brightening up YOUR magnet you will surely notice that your whole life is starting to equally brighten! Along with the whole world!!

And that is the wonder of Inner Work.

And the power of the Spirit!

Thank you for reading!

I have written enough here…

Now is YOUR turn.




If you want to know more about your Creator nature, and have a much more detailed explanation of how to get there, please read The Ascension Papers. It is free HERE. I am not the writer of the book nor am I paid to advertise it but I would make a profound disservice to this letter if I don’t add this life changing of a book from which I got most of my inspiration to write this letter. Plus, the author has all kinds of great stuff on his site so I highly recommend you check it out!

Have a nice day!



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