HeavenLetters: The Bread Crumbs of Truth

heavenlettersGod said:

Most people intend well, yet intentions without action don’t count for much.

Sure, a good deed intended is better than no good deed at all, yet having an idea unacted on doesn’t go far enough. There is value in thinking of a kindness, yet words have substance as you follow through on them. Anyone can say anything, and often do.

On the other hand, despite all the Good Will you may wish to follow through with, you ponder about the time and energy you don’t have. You would love to be an Angel on Earth if you didn’t have all the pressing obligations that have to come first.

Unless you back up thoughts of good deeds with action, then, beloveds, it behooves you not to advertise them. You don’t want false advertising to be your habit. When you still owe the bank money, the bank doesn’t give you credit. You have to deliver before credit is in your hand. Promises without back-up are nice words. Alas, nice words alone don’t take you far, and that’s it.

Promises are like your lying down for a night’s sleep and not getting one wink of sleep. Promises can be shaky premises, dear one. Shaky premises are not to be a way of Life. Ah, yes, all that you would do if only you could.

With a foundation, how good you will feel. Oh, to feel the solid ground under you. It is not your desire to row a leaky boat. You yourself believe in substance and not shadow.

Life on Earth can seem like a magic trick. Well, in fact, looking at Life from on High, Life is a magic trick. None of it is True. Life may be vivid and taken as True in the dream communally dreamed. Life on Earth is disarming. Nevertheless, you are to back up your dreams with all you are worth. Within the illusion you are to give greater than illusion. Within the dream, you are to be solid. Within the dream, you are to follow through. Within the dream, you are to deliver, and that’s it. This is your share to give. Even on false ground, you are to be true. Adhere faithfully to solid Truth within the dream.

What a difference it makes to the imagined world and you when you are true to yourself. What a lovely thing in this world are words made true.

Never mind the so-called past now. Now is what matters. You always matter. Sign your name on the dotted line.

It is My Name you represent, in dream or not. Deliver Truth to all the Seekers in the Universe. Everyone is a Seeker of Truth. And Truth is to be seen, and Truth is to be found. One day you will come to the Full Realization of Truth. Follow the bread crumbs of Truth.

Of course, you seek riches. Of course, you seek Love. Of course, you seek to receive. Of course, you seek to give. All the while you desire to discern Truth from fiction. Of course, you recall that Truth goes further than fact. Truth and fact are not even in the same ballpark.

Yes, please make the ground you stand on solid. Then you are in balance. Then you are as strong as strong can be. When you are as strong as strong can be, then with every breath, you contribute to making others as strong as strong can be. Have no regrets. Is this too much to ask?

I, God, love and bless you, and now bless yourself. Stand by yourself. Make your words speak loud and true.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff