Council of Overseers: When Shifting Becomes Permanent

thecollectiveWhen there is no going back go to any previous way of being ~ YOU have arrived. And live in the constant Arrival mode. One moment to the next.

The period of constant adjustment and shifting in frequency, becomes your new way of being.

As you slowly have let go of attachments, you then live in a constant state of nothing to hold on to and nothing to let go of. The framework of perception then becomes the whirlwind of expanding and adjusting in all moments.

The process of unification may feel like advancing many steps forward and then appearing to go backwards ~ at times.  

When there is no other aspect of consciousness to step back into, (to fall back on) you experience BEING in the fully arrived ~ constant state of your Pure Consciousness. 

That lives through you as your Divine Being.

This may feel messy in a way. As the structure is not linear. The Mind still may play a role in wondering what is going on. As “what is going on” and the process through which it is happening, is not understood by the mind.

It is a new way of being, that opens wide the Heart as the body then becomes encompassed consciously in the process. With nowhere to go, but to feel and experience.

Although this arrival may seem to be an ending and a tidying almost of consciousness, being complete. It is the child like state one experiences oneself within. That knows not what will be in the next moment.

It is all wonder and plays out spontaneously as the field of consciousness ~ your Soul Blueprint ~ unfolds through you.

So the mind-set of arrival ~ as in settling loose ends, so to speak, becomes a thrusting fully into the unknown. With nowhere to go but the unknown.

The resistance as once experienced through attachment, becomes a detached state of being, free from ALL one expected Life to be.

This state of pureness clearly is the unveiling of what consciousness is.

What experiencing through a form is.

What planet earth is.

What ~ Being Is.

The state of GLORY ~ is the full acceptance of this Unknown and non controlled state ~ of simply being. The welcoming in through the experience of adjustment to this permanent yet constantly expanding state of consciousness ~ becomes the way of Being.

IT ~ AS THE HIGHER Original Light You ~ is the ONE you are then being. It ~ does not function through what appears as tidy, linear ~

This :HIGHER YOU ~ functions through frequency ~ which does not know itself or know or understand time.

This Being ~ is the WAY ~ you know yourself as a Unified Being of Light.

That lives as Light.

As Eternal GLORY ~ that Graces the Earth and its consciousness as the LIGHT ~ Being Not from here. Yet here.

It is the transformation of All consciousness ~entering into the Original State of Being, once again.

Activating YOU ~ In your Original State of Being Now ~ The Divine Council of Overseers, in Eternal Love and Glory.


» Source – Channel: L’aura Pleiadian