HeavenLetters: You Can Change Your Mind

heavenlettersGod said:

The dearest of My Children make assumptions. Of course, if you are to undertake any project in Life, you have to start somewhere. You can’t wait until you are infallible before you begin. You now begin with a premise. And a premise is not locked in stone. Your premise and assumptions and conceptions and misconceptions can bend and swerve and grow. You start somewhere, and your bases also change. This is a part of Life on Earth.

In the overall History of Life, once the Earth was considered flat, and now it is considered round. Ideas change. Man’s mind changes.

You know a lot. Certainly, you have learned a lot. And, yet, sometimes it can seem as though you have learned nothing at all. Often you are caught in your tracks. It may even be a good place to be to know that you don’t know all that you had hoped. Yes, Life surprises you often enough. It can be a surprise you love, or it can be a surprise that leaves your head spinning.eraoflight.com

There is much delicacy in Life. You want to have confidence, yet you don’t want to be over-confident. God forbid that you be a know-it-all. You sure don’t want to be entrenched in one point of view when, in this world, there are all possibilities.

With this awareness, you would throw out all prejudices. How much more time and Love would you now have available? How easy living would be. How free. How enjoyable when nothing has to be designated as you may have thought it must.

Ah, there would be room for all at the Inn. How relaxing and freeing for you when you are not obligated to be correct and, thus, someone else obligated to be mistaken. You may have thought such freedom would be disturbing when it could be quite relaxing as a matter of fact. This could be a burden you throw out. What a relief.

What a lovely thing when, in effect, you don’t have to be the Fairest of All. What a lovely thing when there is no race to run, when you are off the hook, when you are out of the fray and have nothing to prove. How freeing to be relieved of responsibility that was never yours anyway. What would hang over your head that is heavy? You would be as free as a bird.

Do you know what else? The world itself would also be as free as a bird. The world would take off. Peace would be known. Tension would be out the door.

Everyone would know Life as a Blessed Gift. The world would be easy-going. No one would feel stepped on. Freedom would roam. Love would be known wherever you look. Everyone would be welcome upon Earth. No one would feel unwelcomed. Everyone would be at ease. What a wonderful thing ease would be. What a comfort. What an opportunity.

Life would take care of itself. No one would intrude upon another. No one would be downcast. No one would feel picked on. No one would feel abandoned. This is what Peace on Earth would make the world. All would know what contentment is. Who would have one complaint let alone a whole list of complaints? Who would have to repeat himself or herself?

Who would not have consideration for each other when all are free to be content? Dissatisfaction would not be rampant on Earth. It might be unheard of. Life would be excellent. This excellence would apply to everyone.

When Joy takes over Earth, who would commiserate with any other? Who would feel sorry for another as if feeling sorry were a good thing? Oh, no, Life would be packed quite differently from the way you may have been seeing it. The world would be new because you are new, and you welcome Life as if it were no longer disarrayed.

You will know composure in a Land of Peace for all.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff