The Arcturians: How Serious Are You To Ascend?


We are here to help you to to learn using discrimination. It is the most important skill of wisdom, a human being at this crucial time must exercise!

Please don’t be naïve, by considering the world situation solely from a superficial point of view in merely black and white.

For us, looking at your earth with the eagle’s eye, not being immersed in your daily struggles and difficulties, victories, hopes for liberation and the well-being of all living beings on your planet, it is easy to see the whole  picture. But you can too!

There are many voices who speak of soon occurring relief of the – however in fact increasingly –  negative  political, economical and environmental situation, and who speak of a soon beginning peace and a greater opening of the human heart. A coming together in love and unity.

And at the same time there are many voices who paint the sad path of suffering, wars, slavery, division, hate and desperation.

One party proclaims the soon to occurring resurrection and ascension of humanity, and the other party is trying to discourage you with images of darkness, illness, starvation and separation, a destroyed world and a suffocated

Beloved friends, we say to you: as long as you see and feel your brothers and sisters and this world suffering, bound with the heavy chains of slavery, as long as your media displays more darkness than light, there is no real change for the better. Light, that is not visible to everybody, is not enough as a basis for ascension for all.

Because – is it not that the light appears to be hidden while darkness boldly holds increasingly its grip on your daily experiences?

As long humanity is not able to make their feeling heart for all visible in your world, it is a sign that light is not yet victorious. Love has not won yet for humanity as a whole. Rather your daily affairs are getting worse every day, and it is imperative that you LOOK at these facts!

Yes! We encourage you to purify yourself, to rise with love your light quotient to a higher frequency, to deal with all the many incidents when you loose again and again your light, falling into lower vibrations although there is now so much incoming light on your planet.

Can you hold your light frequency at a high standard?! At all times? This alone is the question  you must ask yourself in the attempt to get a realistic picture of yourself and of humanity’s situation.

For those who are able to keep their vibration and light high at all times it is absolutely obvious, that the human environment on your planet is dark and is becoming darker by the day. And for them it is evident that an overwhelmingly huge percentage of humanity is vibrating on a very, very low painful level.

If your frequency is generally low and dense, you will not notice this and nurture the illusion that humanity as a whole will soon ascend, but the reality is far from it. Because the majority and a further increasing number of beings in a human body are decreasing their light quotient on a daily basis, or never had one. That’s why it is getting more and more difficult.

For a true light being to live right now on earth, it is pure hell and painful suffering and an ongoing battle to participate in “normal” life. Because their lightbody is being constantly severely hurt by the low vibrations.

Please ask yourselves, whether you feel in your body relatively comfortable while going shopping, eating out, meeting friends and so on. If life is still somewhat enjoyable for you, then you know that you are not yet fit for ascension. Without light body nobody is, and this is the test for you, dearest friends, brothers and sisters, where you stand.

This is not a criticism, but a wake up call, to those who can hear it, to turn around and become real and honest with yourself. To see what is really happening on your earth in this last, most challenging and dangerous epoch of war between the forces of light and dark.

The latter have invented many more sophisticated and clever means to keep your vibration low, dear ones, if you are not attentive. And as soon you are not anymore aware of this, your frequency is vibrating on a level where exactly they want you to have. And when it goes further down, you don’t even notice it any longer. And you THINK you are on your spiritual way, but you are

These end times are the most difficult ones, where you all are being tested down to the bones how serious you are on the path to ascension.

It is not a game, and it is not just a dream in your mind or a hopeful wish. It is about conscious transformation and daily dying, self-exploration, about being courageous and knowing that the victory is not gained with nice illusions and visions, but that it is a hard and honest struggle from moment to moment, a struggle to stay alert not allowing yourself to lower your light and subsequently forget about it, until it remains a thought merely, a memory, being trapped in low physical vibrations. Yes, because the physical must be involved. The light-process is a physical process too. A process that transforms every cell of your body, because the light-body and your expanding consciousness is necessarily transforming and purifying the denser parts of your physical body.

And when you are truly on your way to be that transparent, you are ready to ascend. But only then! Otherwise you have yourself dedicated to the negative density of “matter”, to low emotions and un-love. We remind you to understand that your higher self is not able to inhabit your body when it vibrates too low.  In this case you are prone to go with the flow, loosing your unique creative power and find yourself soon captured in the seeming pleasures of a life dedicated to “matter”, even if labeled as “spiritual”, confined to a mortal identity. Then you confuse the soul  our higher self with your mind.

Now we ask you to be absolutely honest with yourself, whether you are serious about the process of ascension and with it peace and harmony on earth. Ascension requires its price. And only a sufficient number of light beings on earth are able to prevent major catastrophes, either initiated by negative forces or by your mother earth herself, because she needs to purify herself to allow light again to reign.

Ever more of you have allowed themselves to be remote controlled by others, and  they are either denying this fact or are completely unaware of it. Those of you who are nevertheless still capable of catching up with the light but would not find their way out of their dilemma, are being given the opportunity to wake up by being involved in difficult external events. So they are not there to destroy, but to awaken. It is a last chance to take as many of humanity as possible into a new and divine world.  To help them to purify and learn discrimination, insight and desire wakefulness as love.

There are spread so many illusions about the current situation on earth. But the truth is, before it gets better, it will still become worse, because humanity has not yet taken on their full responsibility to grow, but rather walked down as a whole into the other direction. Unaware what is truly happening.

Beloved brothers and sisters, we are very much aware, that what we are depicting here, will shock many of you. But as it is the truth that liberates, it is meant to heal you, to give you an opportunity to make a conscious choice in the very last minute! It is up to each one of you what this choice will be!

Ascension will come certainly and the dark forces will be defeated, but each one of you must fight the battle for themselves, to participate. Unconditional love is a supreme sword of light to engage. It expands your little shell of self-reference and opens  you up to receive more light from above and your higher self into your body.

We bless you and support you all! And we admire your strength, your seriousness, your courage to submit to the light, in spite of all the increasing difficulties.

We love you!

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute!


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