The Grandmothers: You Are Goodness Walking

grandmothers speakI woke up this morning feeling the presence of the Mother.  She was there inside my body and when I looked, I saw that she was inside others too.  She appeared to be busy waking people to her presence.  My body felt softer, wider and more expanded.  Calm and smooth.  As I lay there, soaking it all in, I noticed that I was continuing to widen out; I was relaxing more and more.

I started to ask the Grandmothers if I should communicate this experience to others, but before I got the words out, I broke into tears.   “Yes,” they responded to my unspoken question.  “Call this out, especially to women,”they urged.  “Now is the time for women to awaken to their magnificence. Nothing less than this,” they declared. “Women ARE magnificent.  They are the pillars and glue of society.  They are good.  Good at their core. 

“We treasure every one of you and we ask you to treasure, not only one another, but your own self.  You are good,” they gave a firm nod.  “You are goodness walking.  Take in what we’re telling you now,” they said with a meaningful look, “and bless yourself.   Then go forward wearing that blessing.  You are good, you are true, you are what the world needs.  Be yourself.  Our arms are wrapped around you so you cannot fall. And you will not fail.

“Each of you has a special strength, special talents and gifts.   Never allow these to be diminished by others.  Remember that you answer to no one but the Divine and the Divine made you as you are — made you perfect.  Perfect as you are — right now.  Each of you is a particular manifestation of God and because you are, you ooze goodness and love. So you don’t need to try so hard.  Relax!” they laughed.  “Be yourself and let that Self shine forth.  Each of you is a jewel in the Net of Light.  You are set in your perfect place and time in order to reflect the glory of the All.  So stop hanging back!” they cried.  “Step up and shine forth! Walk forward.  Be who you were born to be.  And remember,” they laughed, “you are good to the core.”

After receiving this message I was overcome with emotion.   I couldn’t stop crying and when I finally got up to blow my nose, I noticed that I was actually weak in the knees.   Something was happening to

Whether or not you are conscious of it, something BIG is moving in each of us now.   As the Grandmothers say, “Something magnificent.”   The Great Yin is no longer absent from our world.   The Mother is here.  Now.   She is waking inside you.   Your body is a trustworthy teacher so if you want to experience her, ask the body to help you open to this growing Presence…and enjoy the ride!


» Source – Channel: Sharon McErlane