HeavenLetters: You Are a Rose in Bloom

heavenlettersGod said:

Whither goest thou when you are Infinite and there is nowhere to go and only to be? There is nowhere and nothing. The individual circumference of you does not really exist as you believe it does and want it to. You throw yourself before the winds, and you insist on existing as if you, this personality of you, were True. In this case, dream a bigger Dream of you.

In every which way, you try hand over fist to convince yourself that you exist when you more than exist and yet you leave no footsteps in the sand. You are a thought in time. You try to memorialize yourself. You frame a portrait of yourself. You border yourself. Now, take yourself out of the frame and fly around the so-called world and begin to erase the gilded frame you wrapped yourself in. Disappear in order to reveal yourself to yourself. What seems like a disappearing act is the making of you.

3-D in color isn’t so spectacular as you may have thought. You had a thought of yourself and another and another. It is as if you smeared yourself across the Universe. You thought you were Big Man on Campus. You thought that your precise existence was everything when it is no great accomplishment at all, a mere repeated event to cover up your True Existence Which Is Mine.

This is your struggle. Instead of catching on to the good footing that is actually boundlessness, you try to cut yourself down to a fragment. Yep. You hop around. You fantasize somersaults, you flap yourself around, when, all the while, your True Nature is Flying on the Wings of Angels. The corporal is not so grand as you thought. It is rather, We might say, a grandstand play.

You try to spotlight yourself when all the while, you are Light Brighter Than Anything That Exists in Your Paint Box. You excel in covering yourself up. You paint yourself into a corner when Wholeness is already yours.eraoflight.com

You do know, don’t you, that you have to let go? Untether yourself. Untether yourself now. Free yourself from the bondage of exclusivity. Return to Innocence. Catch on by letting go.

You were sculpted long ago. I drew you. I am the Artist. I painted you whereas you wanted to stamp yourself at the post office even as if you were already wearing My Seal of Approval. You didn’t yet know your True Worth and Identity. You tried to make yourself bigger and higher when you were already of the Highest.

You wanted to reinvent what I created. You wanted to dress yourself up. You wanted to be The Great Artist. You wanted to make yourself Holy when you already were Holy. You wanted to improve on yourself, and so you distanced yourself from your Self. You kept adding mortar to your brick. All your attempts go dry.

Now is your opportunity to revisit Paradise. Now you go full-fledged ahead. Now you make headway. Now you begin to follow in My Footsteps. Follow Me. We are on a Great Adventure Together. We are reaching the Peak and then another and another.

You do this without trying so hard. You are Being, and your Being is already magnificent. You are not going to improve yourself by attempting a feat. You do not have to live or die in a Blaze of Glory. You are Glory. There is no need to glorify yourself. I give you My Light to reflect. What Light is Brighter than Mine?

You are not your Maker. I am your Maker. You need not apply make-up to yourself. You are already a Rose in Bloom. You need not be embellished. Follow Me. To follow Me is to find your True Glory which is My Self and Thy Self as One.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff