HeavenLetters: Who Told You to Be A Martyr?

heavenlettersGod said:

The world at large may dun you like a bill collector. The world at large may inundate you with orders and requests. Sometimes there are those in the world who may think you are up for grabs and that you are in debt to them. You don’t have to think this way.

Never are you to feel you are to be a martyr to the world’s demands. It isn’t for you to give all preference to others before yourself. You have say about your Life as well as anyone else.

For some of My Children, it’s tricky to over-devote yourself to others and still be responsible to yourself. We can say it’s a balancing act, yet when you regard yourself with inborn respect, you will spontaneously balance your needs and others’. You are entitled to your own space. Otherwise, rumblings of resentment start to encroach within you. You do no good for the world to feel overtaken and overburdened.

You can give away too much of yourself. Frankly, giving overly of yourself serves neither the so-called other nor the so-called you. You are not the commander of the world in the sense We are speaking now, nor is anyone else to commandeer you. You are not to be drafted into the army of another’s will.

Never are you meant to be a martyr. I say: Neither a mercenary nor a martyr be!

In the world, Beloveds, you may have to set limits for yourself, and this means setting limits for others. When it comes down to it, I am speaking of your survival. All My Beautiful Children are unlimited Spiritual Beings, yet you are not to spill out your Earth energy and have none left. You have to be your own freewheeling person and live by your choices, for you also have responsibility to yourself.

All may feel free to ask you whatever they like. You have to bear in mind the idea that you don’t owe anyone anything. Do not come from the idea of owing. Owing obligates you. Owing doesn’t feel good. You are to be free and not under subjection to any or all others’ needs and will. It is not good for others to always expect that you are at their beck and call.

I am not exonerating selfishness, Beloveds, not at all, yet your Life and Heart intact also have value. Consider yourself. You’re not always first, nor are you always at the beck and call of others. You are part of an equation. You too have needs, and your need to represent yourself is one of them. You are not intended to be a pizza that everyone can take a bite of as they please.

When you start to feel that too much is being asked of you, take a look at yourself. No one encroaches on you without your participation. You don’t have to change anyone else. It is you that you may have to change. If you have left yourself wide open, it is as if you have said:

“I owe everyone everything.”

Yes, it’s true that everyone is responsible to everyone for everything.

However, make room for yourself. You do no good for anyone to become a martyr or to feel like one.

When you overextend yourself, what good are you to anyone? Keep tabs on yourselves, Beloveds. By no means are you always to come first, yet that doesn’t mean you are only mincemeat. Others’ needs cannot always supersede your own.

You are not the only giver in the world.

I am the Giver and I am the Doer. Serve Me, and so you replenish the Universe and yourself.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff