Managing Fire of Emotions

dna activationFeelings and tensions are riding high in these moments ahead of Equinox. The emotional content of conversations, on and offline, is escalating as people from all walks of life attempt to cope with our changing and increasingly unpredictable world. Continue reading to understand what this means for you, and some things you can do now to ease the tensions.

Energies have become more intense in recent days, in part because of planetary line-ups but also related to the accumulation of emotional distress felt across the planet. Some of this distress is directly linked to natural disasters occurring in places like the USA, Nepal, and India.

When we have large-scale disasters such as these, you can feel distress even if you live far away. You don’t need to have lived through such a disaster to feel empathy for others coping with them now.

DNA-Level Memories

Here’s another factor. Seeing what others are coping with after a hurricane also can stir unconscious DNA-level memories of a past life when you faced a disaster. You don’t need to be consciously aware of the memory for it to impact you in the present.

We’ve all had experiences with disasters in some lifetime, and when memories of these get triggered in present time, they bring up our very basic survival issues. As we process those, we can feel anxious and on edge. When our brain processes thoughts and memories, a chemical reaction happens in our body – regardless of whether the thoughts and memories are real in the moment, something we imagine might happen to us in the future, or something that we experienced in a past life.

When I’m working with someone in a private DNA session – processing survival issues as noted above – they will show up in the akashic field around the DNA. Brought to awareness, they can be understood and healed.

Helping Yourself, Helping Others

Consider this. At the mass consciousness level, we are interconnected in a quantum way.

That’s one reason why when you heal something in yourself, you can help heal your ancestors and even the whole of humanity.

Similarly, when humanity’s ancient survival issues are catalyzed by disasters and wars, you sometimes can feel these survival issues arise within you. The feelings, which may not make logical sense, can seem to come out of nowhere and throw you off track.
Emotions that you didn’t even know you had can erupt like a volcano, sometimes at a very inconvenient time.

One way you can help yourself and others is by being more mindful of thoughts. A disturbing or unsettling thought can stir a whole pile of destructive emotions like anger. Strive to self-censor thoughts more during these volatile times. Only you in the moment can notice a thought and censor it before it backfires in your emotional body – becoming a weapon that can hurt you or someone else.

When destructive emotions arise despite your best efforts, take the time to diffuse the feelings before you speak or send your next text.

The more that you can find your calm zone on any given day, the greater help you can be to others around you. Most likely you have noticed that tumultuous emotions like anger, when expressed 1-on-1 or within a group, can be “catching.” Ever noticed after spending time with someone expressing anger that you feel an emotional disturbance?

Couple Share an Angry War of Words

Here’s an example of something I experienced in my usually quiet neighborhood – I live at the top of a high hill with homes down below. Sound carries, so sometimes I can hear things far away.

I was meditating one evening during a recent Full Moon. A couple living in a house below me began having an angry war of words. I don’t know the couple. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them. I’m sure that they didn’t realize anyone could hear them. While I tried to block it out by shutting the window, the shouting was very loud. I could intuitively sense that the man and woman in the argument were partners and that they had had the very same argument many times.

The woman said, for example: “You never change. You leave me a mess to clean up. I pay all the bills and you just ran up my credit card to the limit without asking.” The man, who said very little the whole time except expletives, at one point said: “I won’t take this, I’m leaving.” And he slammed the door with a loud bang.

I could sense that before the argument began, both the man and woman were upset – most likely in part because of things having nothing to do with one another. The more angry words that were exchanged, the more intense things became. It was like a fire out of

This is an example of emotional outbursts that can arise during these crazy times. A couple like the one referenced above may already have some incompatibility issues. However, the intensity of energies can escalate things, amplifying the distress people feel.

If one or both of them had become mindful during the exchange of angry words – self-censoring and changing the dialogue – there could have been a better outcome.

Here is what I did to regroup energetically after witnessing the angry couple, disturbing my peaceful meditation. I closed the door to the room I had been in, going to another room away from the sounds from neighbors below me on the hill. I applied spiritual practices like I teach in the Divine Changemakers courses, then did some meditation. I came out of my process calm and peaceful, then had a restful sleep.

The Big Picture

Always keep in mind the big picture. There often are energies playing out having nothing to do with you personally, yet they can impact you.

The people you engage with regularly have the same dynamic occurring. Your partner, after having had a stressful day at work, may be more sensitive than usual. Things can be taken the wrong way. Things can be said that cannot be taken back.

All you can ever do is your part. What you can do – and what you must strive to do in order to create harmony – is to do your best in each situation. Be mindful, open, and willing to allow for mistakes you and others make.

If you feel judgment arising within you, acknowledge it, then let it go. You cannot proceed in a positive way when you judge. If you feel anger arising within you, acknowledge it, then let it go before you act on it. This will save you countless hours of needless confrontations and re-dos, and help you to avoid suffering.

Factor in the energies of a day. We live in times when energies of a Full Moon or Equinox can bring intensity along with mega opportunities for spiritual transformation.

Come back in your focus daily to the love that you house at your core. Focus on this love and do your best to apply this love to yourself and others. This is how you change – yourself, dynamics with others, and the world.


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