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Matthew Ward: Love Revolution

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Each year during your season of holy days, the boundless goodness in your world is reflected in the sharing by those who have, with those who

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December Solstice: The Resurrection Codes of The I AM AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS of Light

Welcome precious hearts, this is Anrita Melchizedek and I would like to welcome you to this December Solstice transmission, in which we experience the Resurrection Codes of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light coming

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Arcturian Council of Twelve: We Are Not Alone

For a long time apathy, survival instincts and conformity algorithms have kept humanity looking down. You are now starting to look up, to see beyond the matrix holographic prison walls. This is the awakening

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New Science Reveals Young Brains DERANGED By Cellphone Radiation Exposure

It’s fairly obvious to most intelligent people that modern society is going insane. It’s especially true among today’s hyper-connected youth who seem to be truly deranged and mentally ill

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A Holographic Reality of Light

This Earth World is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness. The Density ~ the Veil? Really? Money and virtual

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