Zap/Poofness 12/17/2017


Greetings and Salutations,

We are aware of the crisis issues and the many nuances

Mike Quinsey’s Higherself: Upliftment of the Vibrations

mikequinseyIt seems that time is still speeding up as the final days of 2017 draw near. As predicted the seasons are gradually running into each other, but in the long run things will level out and certain to be to your liking

The Council: Time To Begin

elohim beingsYou are aware that you are approaching the point in your solar cycle that you term a solstice. Those of you on one half of your planet will call it the solstice of winter, the rest will call it that of summer. All that signifies is the result

Shocking Realizations

light_speedHow many times may you recall when you are feeling safe within the narrow confines of your life, feeling comfortable in your current thoughts, beliefs and expectations? Then from out of nowhere, something