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Hilarion: The Core of Your Inner Sadness

Today, I, Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Light, wish to speak with you about the energy of sadness within your being. Recognising and healing your inner sadness is an aspect of your own spiritual evolution aiding you … Continue reading

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Growing Vegetables in Your Own Yard Is Now A Crime

It’s a sad day in Florida: Property rights for homeowners have taken a huge blow as courts confirm that growing edible plants in your own front yard is, in fact, a crime

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New Moon in Sagittarious 12/17/17 Consciousness Integration

Beloved Light Emissaries, We are finally blossoming, from our human and limited cocoon, to our true galactic nature, freeing ourselves

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A Hathor Planetary Meditation Through Tom Kenyon: Spatial Cognizance

Your world is in the midst of an immense metamorphosis. It is like a giant serpent shedding its old skin. New realities are emerging as old realities

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Yeshua: You Were Not Born Without Any Input or Choice in the Matter

As Christmas approaches and the year draws to a close, much is happening for all humans at a level that is far below their conscious awareness, and this is bringing into their normal conscious awareness discomfort

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Will Smith on the “Purge”

Actor Will Smith talked up a storm on Wednesday. During a press conference in Beverly Hills to promote his movie “Bright,” the actor veered into

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