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Archangel Michael: Accessing The Earth’s Memory Seed Atom Crystals

Beloved Masters, in your mind’s eye, however you perceive, envision that you are viewing the Earth from a great Light ship, and together we, the angelic Forces and the multitude of universal Light Beings who represent our Father/Mother

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The Spiritual Influence The Gemini Full Moon Has On Us

Dear Friends, we are about to face another mega strong Super Full Moon in this year, and this time it is positioned in 11 degree and 40 seconds Gemini. On December 3rd the Full Moon appears very

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Planetary Illuminations for December 2017

MAJOR INFLUENCES   In December we begin a new planetary cycle of Jupiter – optimistic, expansive, the seeker of meaning and truth – in a harmonious

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Mike Quinsey: Path to Ascension

Dear Ones the future lies in your hands as having been able to move beyond 2012 into the New Cycle, you are now creating a path to Ascension. At present it would seem that chaos rules yet even now the … Continue reading

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Sananda: Transformation and the Seat of Your Perceptions

Beloved souls upon the Earth, journeying through illusion and truth to recognise the magnificence within your being. I honour you now and give my thanks for your presence upon the Earth. I am overjoyed by every challenge you

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In An Unprecedented Move, 10 Democratic Senators Demand That Netanyahu Halt Israel Demolition of Palestinian Village

IN A STARTLING demonstration of support for Palestinian human rights from Capitol Hill, 10 Democratic senators wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday urging him to halt the

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HeavenLetters: The Beloveds of My Heart

God said: In Life, upon what do you depend? Everyone and everything? Or, worse, nothing at all? A pittance? Loneliness? Regret

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Arcturian Council: Why You Are Here

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. It is the perfect time for you all to consider the big questions that often get bandied about in

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