Gatekeeper Update: Quantum Body, Galactic Frequencies

spirit science eraoflightdotcomOff the charts, POWER UPGRADES continue to increase substantially all day/every day. These are intended to overload the nervous system and deplete the immune system for systems

Lord Maitreya: Realigning the Earth’s Energetic Networks

Lord Maitreya EraofLightdotcomBlessings and love extend from my being to you and all of humanity, this is a blessed day, as it signifies a powerful shift within the energetic network of Mother Earth. You are invited to be of service to Mother Earth and all of humanity

The FBI Plot To Overthrow The Presidency And Commit Organized Treason In America

Earth and the communicationMost people never thought they would see the day that the FBI would become so politicized that many of its members actively lie and commit treason in an attempt to bring down the President of the United

The Council: More Cycles

council of mastersYou know, if you have given it some thought, that mankind has tracked the cycles of the heavens for vast stretches if time. Things such as the cycles of the Mayan calendar, for instance, were not arrived at after a cursory glance at the

The Federation of Light: Remember Who You Are

gfoleraoflightHere we are then … the last chat of the year probably. After the last communication about the ‘Pillars of Light’ and the stunning photograph, I wonder if you would be kind enough to let us know what 2018

Norway’s Parliament Votes to Decriminalize ALL Drugs

eolnewsIn a bid to assist addicts, rather than lock users in cages, Norway’s parliament voted last week to decriminalize all drugs — citing Portugal and its general success lowering addiction and incarceration

Archangel Gabriel: Golden Grid

aa gabrielGreetings my dearest brothers and sisters! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of Love, Trumpet of the Truth and Messenger of the One, Bringer of the News and yes, there are many, many wonderful announcements

The Hidden Power of Universal Frequency And Vibration

divine energy flow eraoflight432 Hz is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math

The Arcturians: All is Proceeding as Planned

arcturian gratitude eraoflightGreetings, we are the Arcturians and we are pleased to meet with you today. We sense both despondency and hope for many of you. We see and acknowledge the integral twisting paths and soul journeys that

Mother Mary: New Year

m maryI am Mother Mary and I want to wish all on Earth that now are celebrating a festivity a peaceful and Merry Christmas and an equally peaceful and joyful Happy New Year.

We are entering