Gatekeeper Update: Quantum Body, Galactic Frequencies

spirit science eraoflightdotcomOff the charts, POWER UPGRADES continue to increase substantially all day/every day. These are intended to overload the nervous system and deplete the immune system for systems (and cellular structures) breakdown to occur. This is a huge re-building & reconstruction process that occurs on a microcellular/organism level as DNA and Carbon Based Bodies are re-coded to accelerate the body’s immense transition process over from Old Earth to NEW. This goes through all of your organs, blood, bones, muscles, skin, brain, spine… every (Star) particle of you. This in-turn re-codes your entire physical reality too, and vice-versa, as both are the same thing, yet our human aspect doesn’t have the capability/access to see/understand all of this yet. It takes opening up to that which is not visible (energetically) and does not fit into any old beliefs/mentalities/perceptions on a human level. This means expanding beyond all things physical and “staying there”…

All of the “external” programming and distortions were deeply embedded in each one of us/you and as each venture deeper into/through their own Universal/Solar/Galactic Core’s to clear/cleanse/resolve all of that coding/energy and RETURN to a LOVING EXISTENCE that transcends the physical everything, anything representing unconsciousness (separation/duality/ego), becomes visible for each to see/experience until each has CHOSEN NEW EARTH VALUE SYSTEMS as a new way of existing all day/every day, with every facet of our BEing……

We are experiencing influxes and influxes of high frequency encoded light flooding our planet/planetary bodies like never before. “No stone un-turned” is a relative phrase, as are many others.

Travel with me as I touch on many areas and “shed light” on how to correlate many things to support/assist with this transition with greater ease.

  • Be ready to see what you didn’t want to see before
  • Be ready to deal appropriately too with your own higher consciousness
  • Be completely open to realities shifting and shifting your perceptions HUGE
  • Be open to the “impossible”
  • Be ready to dissolve/resolve “old” as fast as you can and through self-love/love for all
  • Be ready to say no (with love), sometimes strongly, which is required to hold your new realities in place where you created/allowed strong realities and gave your power away before
  • Be ready to DO something to align your own realities (on a Soul Level)
  • LET GO of the need to control out of fear that things won’t go your (ego’s) way
  • TRUST your own inner-connection/higher guidance and LISTEN completely
  • Learn to DISCERN the difference VIBRATIONALLY of what is what
  • Make your body’s vibration, your physical place/space’s vibration a priority and integration/application a priority, new creation a priority, unity-love-consciousness a priority (This is challenging even when you do, until the density is cleared and all is always aligned)
  • Stop trying to “fit” all into the old boxes/mentalities/identifications. This will never fit into the old human beliefs of “how” any reality is.
  • Get inquisitive about “higher consciousness” and open completely up. You are literally “replacing” your old realities will all new ones that obliterate limits and distortions…
  • GET ON-BOARD with all of you, all that you have, all that you are… completely
  • Start supporting NEW EARTH EXISTENCES in every way, take the blinders off and be totally honest with yourself
  • Learn to open up and share – What you ARE/HOLD is what you RECEIVE by way of Experiences here
  • Observe how much ENERGY you put into everything. This energy is your own Abundance. How are you SPENDING IT, what is your FOCUS and what are you allowing to AFFECT your ENERGY (your abundance)
  • This is a COMPLETE REVERSAL PROCESS of everything and a huge one at that.
  • The magnitude of how all “came to be” is mind-blowing, as is the POWER you hold too.
  • Stop making excuses… period. No way around that one…
  • You can complain or you can do something. Refusing to accept, support and participate in continuing unconsciousness is where we all start.
  • Your ego will keep all going. Your higher consciousness will nip-it-in-the bud and shift focus to something that supports/benefits all as love.
  • Be generous, kind, respectful and considerate… to you first, which in-turn becomes all.
  • Open your mind (your heart must be open fully for this). Your body and physical reality are going to go through an immense process that is mind-blowing. Multi-Dimensionality is an EXPERIENCE, not an intellectual/human rules anything…
  • Get over your ego and the stories that never end when you allow it to run rampant. You are here to MASTER all aspect of yourself, bring all into balance from within you and recognize when you are in “need/lack/judgment/fear/resistance” modes and switch/shift these yourself. This is your own separation within yourself. Only you can do this part. Suffering is a result of NOT doing so…. So do whatever it takes to shift, dissolve, resolve and take your own/other’s EGO power away and BE your HIGHER SELVES in all moments….
  • Blame, guilt, shame, victim, excuses, fixating on “old” anything is your ego-game. Judgment is huge with this. Yes the energy has to clear YOU/your cellular body/template, yet you don’t have to “stay” in this. Honor the energy/cellular release, yet maintain your higher self while you do. Get creative in HOW you do this. It’s a part of the process of returning to power from within.
  • No one has more power than you do when you are FULLY CONNECTED FROM WITHIN AGAIN. You were the one that gave it away. You are the one that must take it back and KEEP it…. it’s a part of returning to MASTERY and your Ascended State of Consciousness.
  • As you fully LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT and APPRECIATE YOU… you’ll stop accepting anything less and shift all into MORE LOVE as you do.
  • Breaking the old STRONG realities of separation is tough at first. It brings up deep programs of fear, anger, tears and more. This is the point. That ENERGY is what held those realities in place. When it’s diSPELLed, your cells will break the program down and re-code through the new light that you intentionally integrate on a daily basis now.
  • Incorporate ALL NEW VALUES AND PRACTICES to how you live your NEW NOW LIFE. None of the old unconscious ones will work …. they will re-create a reality that will collapse. If you choose to go there, then there is still energy inside that needs to physically be released.
  • There is SO much more… get creative and open up. Your linear human will find this challenging. Challenge yourself constantly to EXPAND!

As we go, I’ll cover more, yet here’s a list of areas to take into account and figure out how you are/were still unconscious/unaware and what you can now “do” to shift all yourself:


Your/the carbon-based body must detox all of these, continually. They are in water, foods and air of 3D/4D realities. As your LightBody works hard through photonic light activating INSIDE of your cells to detox, purify, cleanse and re-code, anything you can do to NATURALLY and ORGANICALLY ASSIST with this process is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. All along the way. Your NEW Bodies do not house these elements like before. These toxins are in a multitude of things INTRODUCED into your foods, air, water and medical treatments to keep your body unconscious/you from waking up. You have to get pro-active and CHOOSE to remove these things/stop putting them into your bodies and raising your body’s vibration in order to LIVE on NEW EARTH is imperative to KEEP/SUSTAIN your highest existences here.

CLEAN WATER: Make it a priority. I had to too. No more excuses. Your body needs this for your LIGHTBODY to fully activate and raise its vibration to turn everything around. Bio-electric transmitters need a clean filter/conduit for communication/traveling through your body. All the crud/density creates interference and disrupts your body’s ability to do what it needs to do FOR you to have it easier and clear all of that programming housed/held in your body faster/easier for YOU. Get a filter for your bath/shower to cut out toxins absorbed.

BODY/SKIN/ORGANS: Your entire body houses/holds everything that plays out in your external/physical reality for you to EXPERIENCE here. These are working hard to DETOX, reverse everything ever “done” to them, everything ingested internally and absorbed externally too and re-build on a cellular level without the “gunk” in the way. Your body is your RESPONSIBILITY to TUNE to the highest vibrations possible and your old ways become your hurdle/obstacle to overcome from within yourself. NEW WAYS are required and your intellectual human mind won’t like this part, as it’s listened/learned from everyone/everything else and your ego wants all “it’s way”. Not how multi-dimensionality works. Your body knows more than you do. It’s always speaking, always asking/showing you what it needs to do this for you easier. Nature, sleep, quiet time, slow down, focus your energy and let go of the judgment/fixed beliefs. Those will keep you experiencing separation over and over again until your body finally shuts-down… Take care of what you put into your body/on your body. Chemicals suppress. Your body must be free of all of this to bring you through to higher-dimensional realities. Then you will re-introduce certain foods back in, to support the different phases (Crystalline/Plasma/Etheric) of Embodiment. Once your body is clean and running optimally and able to run a ridiculous amount of light through it continually and easily, it will enter re-GENERATIVE mode, where you will become a Generator of Light operating on a whole new System, with new foundations CREATED, new systems, new programs, new everything…

IMMUNE SYSTEM/NERVOUS SYSTEM: All must be “destructed/reconstructed” and re-coded on a cellular level. All must be re-wired completely so that your body functions very differently than before. Honoring your body FIRST and all-day every day, will make this process easier, yet your EGO will not like one bit of this… These light codes are going straight for these daily now. This is where DEFENSE mechanisms and COMMUNICATION systems where held/are (and so much more).

DEFENSE SYSTEMS/INFRASTRUCTURES: All have to be broken down and re-worked. Your whole physical body undergoes an immense re-everything process. Continually and increasing ENERGETICALLY as we go. This process is not going to decrease. The amount of energy will always increase and it’s up to you to acclimate continually, anchor continually and learn how to function in all new ways, continually. It’s a part of our processing here.

CELLULAR BREAKDOWN TO RE-BUILD THROUGH THE INTEGRATION OF LIGHT (CODES/INTELLIGENCE): At first, this is rough. The carbon-based body goes through a LOT. Challenging and even scary at first, until new understandings are applied, is an understatement. Yes, at times, in the beginning, we feel/felt like we were dying. In many ways, we were. Our bodies go through a rigorous process of clearing density, separation and deeply embedded programming. Physical pain is the body releasing these programs suppressed/buried/held/anchored in the physical body. Light activates neurons and bio-electric transmitters to “fire off” and “activate/trigger” emotions held there, which buried the programs through suppression/oppression that now have to leave/be freed from the physical body and physical reality too. Light is intelligent. It activates codes held dormant in your DNA. These codes tell your “new body” how to re-do everything. It tells your cells how to break all down. It stimulates, shocks and awakens your body in every way to FEEL FULLY EVERYTHING… until all unconscious programming (lower vibration transmissions) is gone and your new base-line is UNITY AND PURE LOVE….

PLASMA GRID: About a week or so ago, we anchored a whole new “gridding system” into the template of our Gaia/EarthShip and for those ready for this, our physical bodies too. While I use the word “grid”, it’s not quite a grid. It’s a whole new NETWORKING SYSTEM through SUPER QUANTUM PLASMA ENERGY. Star Families all activated, this wreaks havoc on polarity/polarized realities and still polarized bodies that must reverse/unify still. I will be sharing more as we go. I had no clue until the anchoring process was completed. It’s a part of my roles as Gatekeeper here.

GAMMA RAYS/FREQUENCIES: Substantial increase over the last few weeks that means different things to each. These STIMULATE and HYPER-ACCELERATE/EXCITE all on a cellular and consciousness level. They accelerate DNA re-writes exponentially. For the human aspect, these can scatter, create chaos, increase Quantum Entanglement and disrupt the old codes that lent to unconsciousness. These LASER through all and bring the veils within down fast. They supercharge and quantify and for those of us who LOVE GAMMA, they give us the power-ups to accomplish and anchor higher dimensional timelines into the physical for all of us here. Plasma weakens the system, and we’ve had a huge increase in Plasma and also Electrical Energy…. so stabilizing requires more focus and balancing all continually to maintain/sustain with great ease. These also activate nausea, as radioactive energy increases in the body to amplify and clear distortions faster.

CRYSTALLINE FREQUENCIES (Rainbow & Diamond Light Code, as well as others): Substantial increase to anchor more Christed Light within all of our physical bodies as our Crystalline Bodies continue to evolve. I’ll share a cool video captured and was floating around online a few weeks back of the visible crystalline in the air/atmosphere. This has been/is our reality on a daily basis on NEW Earth here. Breathing crystalline light is challenging for the carbon-based physical body as it clears density/acclimates to “new altitude” existence from within. We all must slow down and honor the body. It’s doing immense work to re-calibrate/re-code and clear constantly.

PLASMA ATMOSPHERES & BODIES: Increased plasma brings forth more “gasses” and “spacey” feeling as our cells go Galactic and our Earth does too. This has been going on for years, yet the magnitude of PLASMA ENERGY is astounding and continuing GALACTIC STARGATES FLOOD our planet/bodies with this “game-changer” energy where all who chose Galactic Earth must “learn” to function completely non-linearly and integrate at a whole new rate. BEing a Galactic is a whole new ball-game, for us all being totally RESPONSIBLE and fulfilling our highest Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions/Roles here. ♥

YOUR LIGHTBODY: Is not prone or susceptible to the old like your carbon-based body was, yet you must fully activate your LIGHTBODY for it to bring you through to NEW EARTH. There are continual activations always occurring, intensifying like a super-charger for awhile. This JUMP-STARTS your systems, activates your crystals/crystalline body more and gives you the ENERGY/POWER to accomplish laying the foundations of your NEW REALITIES that completely replace the old. You will work through every bit of programming you hold CONSCIOUSLY and break these programs yourself. You are no longer oblivious, or care to be, no longer trying to fit in or conform. You blaze a trail and open up a wealth of opportunity that you didn’t have access to before as a sleeping human. This too, is just the beginning, as it’s also where your “child” comes forth. Clearing anything left of “wounded or unloved” inner child, your higher self is birthed (through your NEW Earth Chakra/Vortex of your body blowing up, yes, like you are pregnant, because you kind of are). I called them photonic “air babies”. Discomfort and body changes are natural as you prepare to birth constantly, and this process changes along the way too. You will learn how to play again, yet from a very pure place inside. Your heart will open to the wonders, the magic, the bliss as you prepare to grow up/mature into/as your Higher Selves, birthing your Christed/God/Galactic Aspects along the way, and evolving into MATURE CONTRIBUTORS through Unity-Love-Peace-Consciousness in all that you do/are.

CARBON-BASED BODIES hold density/old programming and exist on food differently than the LIGHTBODY does. Each LIGHTBODY PHASE eats differently. Each Consciousness re-codes DNA that changes what the body asks for to support these intricate processes that don’t conform to anything the human ego can comprehend. Meat and heavy dense foods, metals and chemicals keep the body dormant/asleep. The cleansing and continual detoxing of these things will assist with restoring the body to LIFE. Some chose extreme unconsciousness, deeply embedded in Matrix Programming, so the “lifting” and TRANSCENDING all of this can be just as extreme/intense. Our bodies waking up and merging as one is a huge process that began the moment we incarnated/walked into physical form here.

ACCELERATED DNA REeCODINGS: The human body seems to go haywire/doesn’t fit into a diagnosis or box. Your body is working to undo/redo all for you. Honor and support it in every way. Vibrational support in everything. Inside/outside. Both are necessary here.

WATER: Drinking/Bathing. Do your research and listen to your higher/inner guidance as to how to align what you put into/subject your body to. Necessary. Not a luxury. Being oblivious “hurts” you. This affects collective consciousnesses too.

FOOD/WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY: Matters. It matters differently in different stages though. There are no “fixed rules” anymore. Everything is about THE VIBRATION AND ENERGY that you subject yourself to/allow. When you hold your body in the highest regard (not how it looks, but what supports it in evolving as Light), everything changes. Your love for your body will return, your respect will too. Your HAPPY will return and with a thriving body that functions on LIGHT, you are not as limited as you were before. Get creative with organic foods, grow your own, spice it up, have fun! Make this a priority too. Your body is the “house” that your Soul chose to inhabit. Kind of the most important thing you’ve got! ♥

ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, PLASTICS, CHEMICALS: Get away from aluminium, plastics and chemicals. The old Teflon pans, deodorants, bottles and FLUORIDE inhibit your consciousness and suppress your body’s to fully awaken. DO THE RESEARCH, yet instead of getting caught up in the ENERGY of the old/intentional suppression/unconscious programs YOU CHOSE/HELD, make a different choice and commit to honoring your body, the Earth and listen to your higher consciousness. There are times you have to choose what is aligned OVER what your human-ego wants. This is those times…. Change your toothbrush, toothpaste, what you put on your body. It does matter, more than all understand. Be conscious of your body and our earth. You will have to choose what’s appropriate in supporting all appropriately for you.

CHILDREN: They chose us to be the CONSCIOUS ONES, yet they are often more conscious because they don’t have the filters/veils in place yet. The younger ones/newborn Crystal/Rainbow Children, their nervous systems cannot take unconscious programming, the discordant frequencies transmitted all around them that adults/others cannot yet see. Their systems came in wired differently. They are here to awaken the parents/adults and hold a capacity for unity-love that BEGS to be listened to, nurtured, supported and not suppressed/shoved back into linear boxes/mindsets or suppressed by way of “the norm”. They are multi-dimensionals trying to TEACH and bring NEW AWARENESS in many ways. The shots and education system that must be overhauled/replaced with one that SUPPORTS NEW EARTH, CREATION AND UNITY, will be brought more to the forefront for all to SEE. Choosing to love your child FIRST and not force them into a suppression system that stifles them and makes them go against their pure nature is how CONSCIOUS PARENTS step into their roles here. Honoring your children, feeding them fresh live foods, letting them rest, play, sleep and filling their lives with COLOR and LISTENING TO THEM to educate you is KEY. These beautiful children carry NEW EARTH CODES in their physical body that are not to be suppressed. They are to be activated through LOVE and honoring them as a GIFT. They will teach many…. They are not children as one would like to think. They are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS in a small form to open the hearts and minds of all who are READY to AWAKEN and truly STOP re-creating the old by doing the same thing we “thought” or once believed. None of that is true. Now TRUE is what your highest aspect KNOWS inside… instead of what “out there” says. This is the TIME for all to reclaim their POWER and STAND as a UNITED FRONT as LOVE here. Honor our children. It’s our duty as Parents, Guardians and Light Keepers here.

VIBRATION OF PHYSICAL MATTER IN YOU/AROUND YOU: All will become more aware of this. The physical is a vibrational response and representation of LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Physical matter constantly changes and re-shapes/re-forms to match this.

BODY VIBRATION/CONSCIOUSNESS: Affected by all we ingest, absorb and surround ourselves with. Once fully conscious we CHOOSE what vibrations we allow in our presence/field. We understand how imperative this is. Not one bit of this is personal. This is a VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE.

HOUSE CONSCIOUSNESS/ROOM/PHYSICAL SPACES OCCUPIED: Get the vibration of your room/house/place/space up. Live plants, color, clean, de-clutter, fill with crystals/andaras (grid your room/home). Smells/sound also affect. Nature is a necessity.

NATURE IS A NECESSITY. ALONE TIME IS TOO: Make the time. Otherwise, it’s an excuse from your ego to not re-connect/REMEMBER again. The more you slow down, the more clarity you have. Everything returns to SIMPLICITY. This is where we function from. All is easier here. ♥

QUANTUM BODY: Your entire reality and physical body is constantly transitioning from linear constructs to non-linear existence (Quantum), so all is MUCH EASIER. The linear mind must dissolve and all linear practices dissolve for this to occur. This will not conform to anything of the “old”. All new “rules” apply here.

I will continue to write more about the new Plasma Grid/Networking System we recently anchored in and many other accomplishments as collectives and gatekeepers here. I’m focusing my energy appropriately and continuing to stabilize all as we activate all day every day now. The bombardment of light, bio-electric energy and body system upgrades are off the charts and continue to increase as we go. The rest of this month and through mid-January is huge, as we conclude many gateways and open more new ones. Continually, which is how we roll here!

I love you! Happy Everything!!!! I’ll post where I can, yet minimally, as it takes a lot on our part to bring all through and hold it for all of us here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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