New Moon in Sagittarious 12/17/17 Consciousness Integration

energy field eraoflightBeloved Light Emissaries,

We are finally blossoming, from our human and limited cocoon, to our true galactic nature, freeing ourselves from what used to tie us. We are indeed entering an Age of Truth, Freedom and Conscious Evolution, for this bifurcation has not been achieved by one, but by many working as One, within Divine love and compassion for All.

The New Era is already here, and it is during this special season, as well as Planetary transition, that we are beginning to plant our new dimensional space with the seeds that will grow in the following year.

Therefore, it is pivotal that during this creative phase, we pay attention to what is being nurtured within, to the frequency we are holding, for what is being born within the depths of our being, in the energetic plane, is what we will have to take responsibility for – during the next stage of our human experience.

It is not a time to allow egoic and/or materialistic distractions to move us away from our original Plan and Will. On the contrary, it is a season to keep holding this pure and loving frequency. This is what will allow these new codes to be properly anchored within, as well as within the new space – we already occupy.

To assist us in discerning the true nature of our desires – as well as about where we are going – we have a very powerful and galactic New Moon at 26 degrees of the Truth Seeker, Sagittarius. A Moon that occurs just a few days after the 12/12, a date I was not guided to share, for after all, these are still – for me – human beliefs, for we are constantly receiving cosmic updates, and in truth, these are not fixed dates but cosmic alignments, aligning in a precise way, for us to be able to receive the waves that come to us – through certain portals.

Dates do not create these portals, the movement, the dancing of the planets and stars, so to say, with each other. In other realms where time does not exist, how could they know? Only by inner knowing and constant observation of our planets, as it used to be in our ancenstors. So to me, this portal was already activated, and we have been for a while immersed within these galactic waves – that we are not consciously integrating.

Sagittarians show perseverance in what they truly desire. They enjoy the journey more than getting to their “final destination” as they are grateful for all the “lessons” learnt in the path itself, knowing that in Truth, there is never a final purpose or destination, for we are forever evolving and becoming anew, within the infinite realms of Creation.

Sagittarius’ Essence invites us to do precisely the same, to enjoy the Now and what is being nurtured in this moment than where we are going, finding the truth for – and within – ourselves, instead of searching it outside, for it will be the only way, in which, it will be revealed to us – unfiltered of any mundane human illusions.

Galactic Light infusion

The nature of this New Moon is aligned with the new cosmic space that we – as well as our Planet – already occupies, as this New Moon is, so to say, our coronation, as galactic beings, for it occurs in the Galactic Center together with the influence of Saturn, which on the next day, will change sign and enter Capricorn together with the Sun doing the same, on December 21st.

This is going to be a Fiery New Moon, as we have five Planets: Moon, Sun, Mercury Venus and Saturn in fire signs, during New Moon, and all of them in a trine to Uranus. This together with the galactic centre’s light infusion is going to give us a great opportunity for body purification, and if we are already working on this, to embody more creativity, expansion – for Sagittarius’ ruler is Jupiter –  and inspiration.

This is going to trigger many physical sensations. Remember that it is precisely where we, unconsciously, have more old energy encysted within our body cells, the more we will be experiencing body sensations that are just a natural message for us to release what no longer is allowing our body cells to embody a higher light – Wisdom.

As the New Moon conjunct Saturn, and even more touched by loving Venus and the Awakener Uranus, this will also help us to act as integrated beings – acting as we think and feel – instead of just dwelling in the lies and half-truths that are more comfortable for our human self. Saturn’s frequency can hit us hard if we are not willing to listen, but it will help us move forward instead of remaining fixated with the results that we want to obtain.

Remember, beloveds, every time we face a challenge, we are simultaneously given the solution. We just must witness from the outside what is occurring, instead of being fixated on what is actually “wrong” for us.

Cosmic Family reunion

As we crown ourselves, as galactic beings, embracing our true nature and Essence, many of us who are in deep contact with other civilizations, who co-create with us, will be welcomed by the many beings that are assisting us to do our earthly work. Contact is first made from within, for if there is no unification with our main Fountain of guidance – Unified Self – there could be no real contact. This takes dedication, for we must clearly feel/know from where our guidance or simply support are coming.

In the early stages we may not truly differentiate, but the dark forces/beings who try to manipulate us, will always make clear mistakes that are not coming from Illuminated Realms. After a period of deep training and self-mastery, we are finally able to realize that true contact was never in physically seeing, but in feeling and above all, about being aligned with the right frequency.

At this transitional phase, many ascending souls, are leaving behind an old self as well as live, it is now that we are beginning to see all the assistance we have behind our human existence, one that was not easy to perceive, when we still remain in the 3D matrix. As we keep peeling old layers as well as we keep moving into our new fifth dimensional space, we will be able to perceive subtle worlds that seemed invisible to our human eyes.

In truth nothing was hidden, we just chose to hold a different frequency and remain there for so long, we believed that only what we see is real, forgetting that within this loving and wise Universe, nothing is ever hidden, for Truth is hard to cover, only our physical senses are easy to close.

Be open to contact, do not search it outside, move within and listen. There are parallel aspects of you, residing in wiser civilizations, waiting for you to uncover the veils that impede you to fully see their help. They are helping us to remember, they are not here to take us away from this Planet, I understand we all have stages in our ascension journey, however, this is delusional, and one of the many reasons why the “spiritual” community is seen as such, most of the times.

Some of you may see, I am not saying this cannot occur. Nevertheless, the important thing is to know yourself and find your unique way to listen. In my case, I am clairaudient, it is by hearing and feeling mainly that I communicate. Others will see, use inner knowing as  their main compass to discern and many others ways. We are all unique, and we all must begin to move within and recognize our Divinity instead of expecting other beings to simply act for us or make the miracles that only we have the power to make, from within.

The old era of codependence is gone. In this New Era, we remember who we are, Divine – equal – beings within Creation, with the same Power within. We co-create – in joy – with many others, but first by being/feeling whole within and by having clear who we are as well as our soul plan. The feeling of needing something or someone from the outside is no longer an excuse for you not to take responsibility. For not to finally choose to love and respect yourself. The time of being our saviours, masters and healers, has already come.

Dissolution of dark grids & raises of consciousness 

For the ones who consciously work with Earth grids, in both the astral and while you are awake, we know that eons ago, during the Atlantean civilization, dark grids were built to control and manipulate the collective on this Planet for the purpose of their own negative agendas. After that period, many dark forces/beings have tried to continue with this dark agenda. Since more years than our human mind can probably remember, lots of conscious souls – descended from the Illuminated Realms – have come, with the proper wisdom required, to work on these deeper levels to heal and bring back the grid’s crystalline essence.

At this time within Creation, the dissolution of the grids that many dark forces have been using to manipulate humans, as you well know through several methods – I will not enter in depth – like sex, food (especially with sugar and salt, both being already well-known poisons) TV etc, have finally begun to be dissolved by the many efforts of all these Starseed Souls, New Earth Seeds, Unity Seeders – the ones who are here to bring/descend unity codes – and Light Workers. It is indeed a time to rejoice and to focus only in the love that we already are, instead of the chaos, presented to us as real, for it is not a time to keep feeding illusions but to dwell in the higher vibration, that we are consciously holding.

Saturn in Capricorn is not only going to help us ground ourselves as well as our new frequency within New Earth, but it is also going to be of great assistance to the Planet in terms of restructuring society and the many old values/beliefs that they keep trying to impose on the collective. They can sell all the chaos they wish, it is true there is a part of our Planet who is not yet able to even anchor a fifth dimensional frequency, this is precisely why the double body of fifth dimensional Earth, so to say, has already separated, energetically speaking, but this is not all that is.

Fortunately, new souls are, at every single moment, stepping into the light of who they are, remembering and beginning to step into a free and conscious path. Not all is unlove and fear, there is also a big side who is dwelling into the love that we are and trying to anchor this on Earth. Where we focus makes all the difference to assist in this final transition.

This is a challenging time for the ones who work – constantly – behind the physical veils, not just with sessions, healings and so on, for we are being tested in several ways, by the dark forces to lower our frequency. It is a time for us in which “isolation” and deep communication with your Unified Self/Guides Team will help us to discern whether we are receiving Truth and assistance from the Illuminated Realms or whether we are unconsciously participating in the manipulation of the Planet, whether by other dark beings or by our own egoic self.

Remember Beloveds, no being, or form of consciousness, coming from the Law of One and/or the Illuminated Realms, will tell you what to do, any information about anyone that violate their sacred space, or make you do something that is not first coming from your own soul guidance and own will. I have seen people telling others/me that they are not pure or enlightened because they were told this, because they “know” it, or simply because others’ truths do not resonate with them.

Nothing wrong with these, also precious beings, they are just unaware of their own ego’s manipulations as well as other dark energies behind, trying to control them. For no one coming from a pure space of love will spend a second of their time in talking – disparagingly – about others in that way or simply splitting their energy in engaging with egoic issues, simply because when one chooses to do so, automatically one is also choosing to lower one’s frequency and step away from our original plan to become the love that we already are.

At the right time for us, we all see what we need to. We all have passed through the early stages and we all know this is precisely what helped us become aware of all the egoic tactics as well as how to dissolve them and begin the embodiment of a higher level of consciousness.

During this great light infusion that we are experiencing, there are many who will feel in a very special, and intense way, their connection to Gaia, for it is a living organism – shifting and beating as One with our hearts. The soul roles more prominent to feel the cosmic wave received by the new dimensional space we occupy now and that should take very good care of their bodies are:
  • Gridworkers – which will be, at this time, working in the purification of New Earth Grids non-stop.
  • stabilizer
  • gatekeepers
  • Earth healers
  • Earth activators
  • Portal openers/keepers
And as I always, say this is not about labels, just trying to define what our Essence makes in the invisible Planes, with limited human words. The ones who work under their soul roles could feel, as it is my case, and as I received the following physical sensations:
  • Deep pain in their spine – where our Kundalini essence resides and where ascension begins to take place in our body.
  • Numbness in the legs
  • fatigue
  • imbalances in the first chakra as we continue to anchor ourselves within this New 5D Frequency.

Learning to differentiate between our own imbalances/blockages and physical diseases, is essential to be able to discern when we need to heal or integrate, both are totally different. As we keep integrating more Light – Wisdom – we will be able to hold the proper knowledge of how our body reacts. Sometimes it can be an energetic/physical condition and we keep believing it is coming from our integration process.

If you are clear your bodily sensations are coming from our natural and chosen, human evolution into crystalline beings, then rest is what will help you to heal more than anything for when our body is integrating, only putting it to “sleep” will give it the time to do all it needs to dissolve the old and allow the new to be anchored within our body cells.

Self-deprogramming from egoic tactics 

This is a galactic Moon, one that help us seed our new reality and that brings us the Divine Wisdom required for us to clearly see what should be transformed, dissolved and/or embraced. For as humans, we are not just one with our Unified Self – the sum of all aspects of who we are – but also with the human side of us, who is reluctant to let go and surrender to change.

This could make us fall into egoic traps, and when it happens, it is not always easy to become aware that we are no longer being moved by a Higher Will but about an egoic one. Neutral observation, not just at this pivotal time for the ascending souls, but always, is what would help us understand if what we are sending out is coming from a true space of love to All or from an egoic one to the self.

The more we will be in self-neutral observation mode, the more we open ourselves to integrate higher level of truths, the more we will be dissolving more of our 3D personality as well as releasing all that still impedes us to be completely in bliss and in constant expansion.

Some of the many subconscious mechanisms used by our egoic self are:

  • Imposing our truth – disguised as expressing or sharing our perspective of things or our feelings.

Every thought, word you say and act count. Are you using your power to speak your truth to empower or to destroy? Sometimes we have a very clear idea of what resonates and what does not, the difference is, if you keep telling people that their truth is not your/the truth and keep entering into, already lost, egoic battles, then you are being shown that you do not yet remain in a state of neutral observation, for one thing is expressing your truth with love and respect and another is trying to impose yours or simply try to disparage another person, just because you do not agree. If so, then you know that you are using your word and power to hurt instead of simply moving your energy from that which is not aligned with who you are to what does.

  • Self-justification: It occurs when the ego feels attacked or simply when we feel the need to justify ourselves before others.

When we express our truth from a pure space of love and respect, there is no need for self-justification, unless you consciously have done it to damage others. When we justify ourselves, it means an aspect of us – often our egoic one – has felt hurt by not being recognized and hence, accepted.

Our True Self does not need recognition in that sense for it dwells in love no matter what is being said or done to the self as well as an open state, ready to embrace human mistakes, with humility, and embrace a higher truth.

When we justify ourselves or our truths, in a way we want to let the other know that we think we are right and that what we know is coming from a purer space than what the other says. This is due to a lack of self-respect and appreciation, which has nothing to do with being selfish but with the remembrance that not everyone is ready to open themselves to other truths that are not the ones coming from themselves or simply that as humans, we commit mistakes as well, and then, when this happens, we will not feel the need to justify ourselves, on the contrary, we will only express gratitude for what we just have remembered. For we are open to embody higher levels of consciousness, unlike those beings, who are yet trying to open themselves to do so.

No matter where you are, have compassion towards yourself and others. Remember that it is precisely to make mistakes or to simply repeat old patterns or not going into the “right” direction what makes you awake yourself more and activates certain aspects within yourself that were dormant – allowing you to embody new truths.

  • The unconscious use of but: This is an unconscious mechanism that all humans possess and that ruins all our potential as well as all the abundance we are meant to receive – as Divine and limitless beings. I have seen lots of people sharing they are not abundant, they do feel abundant BUT they… well you know how this goes right? Sometimes you have clients – other times you do not, therefore you need constant donations and others to support you, which is perfectly fine, if that keeps showing you the story – you have created – to justify why you are not living in abundance.

Observe, in the moment you introduce the but and you keep telling yourself the same old story you have created and that hence, is true for you, you will keep seeing evidence of your lack of abundance everywhere. This is not your fault, neither you are doing something wrong or you are not as wise as you could be. All these are also part of your egoic need to remain in the frequency of unworthiness.

In the moment you catch yourself introducing the but particle, it is when you must refocus again, going within, and observe what hidden human creations you still must dissolve. Humility – the ability to become aware of our human mistakes – and lack of awareness – is the only tool that will help us become conscious of what we should release, for it belongs to limited old beliefs, to embody a higher wisdom – being grateful for learning/remembering what truly IS.

Enlightened relationships vs. 3D relationships

The New Moon also conjunct Venus. This is a frequency for us to shift, from within, the structures and the old beliefs that still impede us to love and respect ourselves. The frequency that we have consciously chosen, is not one that can coexist with the old sense we had – of living our relationships. For now, we remember that love begins with the self, and only by beginning to do so, is that this same love can be given and shared.

There are many hidden old patterns within ourselves and relationships that are still being played by many. This is nothing that is telling you how unworthy you are or how little are you achieving, on the contrary, it is another opportunity to keep dissolving more old programs and embody more love.

Some of the old 3D relationships main traits:

  • Co-dependence – the I cannot live without you, and the I would do anything for you, remains ever present in the movies. This is against all Universal Laws. When one loves another unconditionally, one knows one does not have to “die” or do anything for the other but to be who one is. the more we do for others, especially if this violates our own desires, the less we will be loving ourselves and then All.
  • Manipulative tactics: if you do this for me I will…or if you do not do this then I will. When these threats begin to happen in a relationship, we have already given our power. If you are passing through this, then ask yourself what will happen, for nothing will ever happen, if you simply release an old relationshipthat is disempowering you, but the return of your power.
  • Victimhood: unfortunately, still very present as well, especially after the phrase: “After all I have done for you”. This occurs when one not just tries to manipulate others but when we try to infuse pain in another being by telling the old story that this person has done something “bad” to us and that she/he should then pay back. This is another way of not taking any responsibility for our own acts. When one takes responsibility, one knows our actions must have not been well received by our partner or others, but we take it anyway, for if we truly love, we are also ready to let them go.
  • Attachment: This occurs when we do not find within the love, security and protection, as well as compassion, we need to first have for ourselves. We have forgotten who we are, feeling empty instead of already whole, and hence seeking someone else who fulfils our inner voids and needs.

There is a quiet voice within you, whispering to you, always, the truth about your real feelings. You do not have to ask anyone else, you know it already, you just choose not to listen to its truth, because it can be painful, because it can put you out of the familiar.

Deep within yourself you know, there is always a feeling that you try to cover with what is working, to not see, in order not to realize what you will do if a certain person is no longer by your side. Fears begin to arise, creating possible scenarios of what will happen, if you simply decide to get rid of old chains. The Truth is, when one chooses to follow our pure feelings, FREEDOM is the only possible outcome.


Self-respect and love are essential for us to overcome the tactics our ego uses to keep us caged in the old Matrix of unlove and victimhood, especially in our relationships. When one loves and respects the self, while one remains, always, humble to keep descending more Wisdom, one stops all egoic manipulations and begins to simply express oneself from a space of respect and lack of expectations. For we did not come here to be right, to fight who is more “enlightened” according to us or not, we simply came here to shine our Light, stand tall in it, without interfering in other’s paths.

As always, yours is the decision to use your word, Power and free will to build, co-create or to try to destroy others. All teaches us not who others are but who we are and what we need to realize, currently on our human evolutionary journey. Energy introduces us, it speaks, always louder than us, and every word and act we make, already tells us who we are. All is. at all times, speaking to us, reminding us where to be more loving, where to heal…we just have to know where to look and which voice to listen to.

Beloved Light Emissaries, for this is what you are, as I received a few months ago and what from now on, will continue to introduce my posts, stand tall, you have been crawling for so long, you forgot you had the power, and only you, to free yourself from outer and your own inner beliefs and manipulations. It is time for you to remember what you came here to be and do and begin to blossom into the Love-Light being that you always were.

This is not a time for you to live in the frequency of fear, of loss or of poverty. You have, always, the Divine gift, to become aware of your Galactic lineage and step into a new reality filled with all the abundance, Divine Love and Truth that you have been denying to yourself, while you remain in the frequency of lack and unworthiness.

You are here to go out there, and use your Light to illuminate, activate, dissolve, guard and/or anchor the frequencies coming from the Illuminated Realms, and that only you can anchor, in your unique way. Being who you are, doing what you do, takes courage, it takes courage to be constantly releasing old truths and embodying higher ones, it takes courage to be constantly letting all go and adapt yourself to what is meant to be and not what your egoic self would like it to be.

Yes, it takes tears, sometimes of joy, others of pain, but both are great teachers, and both part of our human nature. Not all is a bed of roses in our journey of soul remembrance, but as you already know, all has been worth it, as all has helped us to remember that All is from the Light, whether we tried to separate it or not.

Every time you choose to dwell in fear, you turn your spark off, every time you choose to be who you are and express your truth, with love and respect to All, the Planet, and All within Creation, has the opportunity as well to give another step towards integrity and unconditional Love. Therefore, choose wisely, every thought, every word count, for you are not an insignificant creature, but a powerful Light-Being, an emissary of the Illuminated Realms, assisting Earth by seeding, and anchoring, your unique Essence to assist All.

I wish you All a blessed, revealing and magical New Moon, Beloved Companions!

In love, light service ∞

Natalia Alba!


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