3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum From The Brain

brain eraoflightAluminum is everywhere : from tap water to most food products (including baby formula) and cookware to even the air you breathe.

And while multiple studies have labelled the metal as a carcinogen, other still debate whether or not it can be classified as a neurotoxin.

However, research has shown time and time again over the last 50 years that aluminum exposure causes neurofibrillary tangles, the same twisted proteins found in brain cells of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

This is because exposure to airborne, topically applied or ingested aluminium makes its way into your blood stream and through your iron transport system and straight to your brain. It can completely bypass the body’s natural toxin barriers.

While your digestive tract can remove great quantities of the metal, a small portion still accumulates in tissues with a slow cellular turnover, like in the brain, bones and heart.

Dangers of Aluminum Toxicity

Not surprisingly, it’s been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, chronic fatigue and other neurological or auto-immune diseases. It’s been suggested that it may even contribute to learning disabilities such as autism.

And since Alzheimer’s has no medical cure, scientist have gone to great lengths to find creative ways to manage the disease.

One of the most surprising potential treatments they found was mineral water.

Silica, a mineral commonly found in mineral water was found to reduce risk of dementia. 10 mg/day was enough to reduce oral absorption of aluminum, enhance aluminum excretion through urine and protect against aluminum-induced adverse effects.

Mineral Water To Detox Aluminum

As reported by Daily Mail, professor Christopher Exley, of Keele University, led a research on how to apply this knowledge in real-life applications.

The study followed 15 patients with Alzheimer’s as they drank a liter silica-rich Malaysian water called ‘Spritzer’ every day for 13 weeks.

Over the course of the study, their cognitive decline came to a halt and the aluminum levels in their bodies dropped by up to 70%. Three participants even showed an improvement in their mental health.

He said: ‘There were two parts to our research. The first is that drinking silicon water does remove aluminum from the body. When you drink silicon-rich mineral water aluminium throughout the body is gathered up into the blood and then excreted through the urine. We now know we can use this silicon-rich “therapy” water to reduce aluminum.’

‘The most interesting thing was that we did see this potential relationship between the removal of aluminum and the positive improvement in cognitive function.’

‘The second part of our research was looking at the cognitive abilities of people with Alzheimer’s and whether these changed as the aluminum was reduced.’

While the mineral water studied contained 35mg of silicon per liter, it can be hard to find in North American stores. Similar available brands include ‘Volvic’ which has 20mg/liter and Fiji water, which contains 45mg/liter.

Foods Naturally High In Silica:

  • Oats, 100g – 595mg
  • Millet 100g – 500mg
  • Barley 100g – 233mg
  • Potatoes 100g – 200mg
  • Jerusalem artichoke 100g – 36mg
  • Red beets 100g – 21mg
  • Asparagus 100g – 18mg
  • Banana (yellow, peeled), 250g – 13.60mg
  • Green beans (cooked), 250g – 6.10mg
  • Carrot (raw, peeled), 200g – 4.58mg
  • Brown rice, 200g – 4.14mg

Quick Facts About Silica:

  • Silica is short for silicon dioxide
  • Silica is also called silicon and is a natural substance while silicone is a man-made industrial substance which is popularly used in breast enlargement operations
  • Silica is present in soil, plants and water
  • Silica has a similar healing effect on cartilage and joint degeneration as sulphur
  • Silica is important for the health of hair, skin and nails
  • Silica is needed by the body to make the connective tissue collagen

Turmeric For Protection

Another great natural solution is curcumin, which protects against aluminum-induced damage by fighting oxidative stress.

It also decreases beta-amyloid plaques found in the brain of sufferers and soothes inflamed brain tissue. The spice even improves memory function in Alzheimer’s patients.

Simply add a teaspoon into your glass of mineral water to keep your brain sharp. If you don’t like the combination, drink mineral water throughout the day and yummy golden milk at night.


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