Q: “2018 is Going to be Glorious”

Earth and the communicationKejRaj: This is another update from the entity known now as Q Anon. In this one he shares a list of the guilty ones and their crimes. Q Anon makes it clear that we now are IN the STORM. The calm is over.

“Hold on to

Mike Quinsey and Higher Self: Future

mikequinseyThe future is in the hands of every soul, whilst some will project specific changes that they would welcome, others simply wish for the better without necessarily being specific. The net result is that as a Human collective you will determine what the future holds for you. You have already been informed of new advancements

Archangel Michael: You Are In The Moments Prior To This Great Awakening

aa michaelI AM Archangel Michael.

I AM pleased to be here with you at this time, in this moment, in this flux that is occurring within many of you. Many of you are feeling the energies moving through you. Many of you are feeling the energies all

Mother Earth and Mother Mary: New Days

new earth era of lightGreetings dear children of my heart, and song of my soul. It is I, your Mother Mary, here to lend a supporting ear and to shower you with love and support from on high this eve. For much that you hold close to your heart in the hidden places – the hidden chambers of hope and of joy

The US Intentionally Killing Russians In Syria

realnewssource eraoflightdotAfter an attack on February 7 by the United States military against Syrian “pro-regime forces,” reports quickly emerged that the U.S. had killed a number of Russians embedded with the Syrian forces. While the Russian government remained silent, the U.S. soon announced that

Heavenletters: The Theory of Relativity

heavenlettersGod said:

No matter how much you may yearn or even mourn for something you don’t find anywhere you look, remind yourself in Truth, nothing is really lost. You may not know how to bring your precious

Can A Spiritual Approach Heal Our Collective Relationship With Money Part 2

thebluerayDear Friends,

In my last post called “Can A Spiritual Approach Heal Our Collective Relationship With Money“, I spoke about the changes we are collectively experiencing right now, when it comes to our evaluation of money. While we are all together

Inner Body Vibrations and Solar Flashes

meditation one eraoflightI’ve written about the Inner Body Vibrations since I first detected them in my physical body around 2001, mostly at TRANSITIONS however. If you’re not familiar with this side effect of the Ascension Process (AP), you may benefit from reading my older articles about the Inner Body

Can A Spiritual Approach Heal Our Collective Relationship With Money

thebluerayDear Friends,
It was a quite intense start into this massive year for profound new manifestations on planet earth, which has the powerful design to lead the collective of humanity even closer to manifesting the Golden Age of Aquarius. The stellar realms have fired up