Eclipse in Progress

astroscopeBlessings Beloveds,

Eclipse Portal

The Eclipse Portal is still open until February 15 when we will experience a partial solar eclipse. This portal

CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative is ‘Bullshit’ with ‘No Proof’ for Ratings

eol independent newsThis has been said before, we live in extraordinary times, where we have the chance to move not one or two but ten steps forward in our evolution, as individuals and as a collective of this Earth

The Federation: The RV, New Dawn

change through action eraoflightdotcomDEAR HUMANITY,

Please know there are many light-workers, healers spiritually awake people who are ready to aid as many awaken from your dream state to connect with truth.

The truth of

The Spiritual Impact Of The Aquarius New Moon And Solar Eclipse

newlight eraoflightdotcomDear Friends,

on the 15th of February we are all experiencing a New Moon together with a Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Aquarius. Having this Aquarius New Moon

The Meaning and Message of a Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse eraoflightA solar eclipse occurs at a new moon and sees the light of the sun obscured by the moon. Astrologically, the sun reflects our core will and essence. It reveals the qualities that we manifest as we mature (giving it a future-oriented quality) and the path we must walk to step into

The Collective of Guides: Pivotal Times

ascended masters eraoflightBeloved Ones,

We greet you with the warmest rays of love and light and we ask your assistance in helping us help you. We have the power to assist you greatly except

Prepare for Breakthroughs

light shines unravels eraoflightdotcomSignificant breakthroughs can happen this week due to a combination of the Feb. 15new moon solar eclipse and the beginning of Chinese Earth Dog Year. Continue reading for some examples of what to pay attention to.


Energies and Star Alignments in the Coming Days and Weeks

spiral starValentine’s Day is on Wednesday February 14, 2018. I love that holiday and I wish it would be changed to a day of unconditional love. Wouldn’t it be nice to just celebrate the energy of love?  It is a nice time of year to celebrate because we are just coming out of a cold damp winter, at least

Five Supplements Can Help You Live ‘Til You Die

lyb eraoflightWhich are you — the person who welcomes aging and decrepitude as a natural part or life, or the person who wants to feel healthy and energetic for as long as possible? If the latter describes you, it’s time to get started on a positive aging program so you can really live ’til you die

Social Media Is Killing Your Friendships

eraoflight world newsNobody is a stranger to deep diving into the Facebook rabbit hole. You know the scenario. For me, it’s a Tuesday night and I’m unwinding in bed, mindlessly scrolling “just a little,” when half an hour later, I’m no closer to resting. I’ll comment

Cleanse And Detox Your Body With 4 Easy-To-Use Herbal Remedies

eatlightNature provides a multitude of different herbs that can cleanse and heal the body in a variety of ways. Some herbs boost the metabolism whilst others support your digestive system and excretory organs by helping them to flush out toxins and built-up waste. Many of us