Here We Are…

allislove eraoflightGreetings friends, it is I KejRaj! As some of you may all ready be aware, I do this every once in a while; A post not only where I ask for our readers’ suggestions and feedback, but also to let you know that I am here if you have any questions about this process as a whole

Mike Quinsey: Progress Continues

mikequinseyAs time progresses you should be aware that you are creating a new life for yourself. You are slowly beginning to discover the real you, a Being of magnificence and inner beauty. You are beginning to understand that “judgement” is something that you must overcome if you

Aquarius Team from Sirius B: Anchoring The Divine Frequencies

cetaceans eraoflightdotcomDear Souls,

During Meditation I was from the Aquarians from Sirius B and feeling their presence once more and in receiving the following guidance they remind us

Sanat Kumara: The Process of Creation Requires Focus

sanat kumaraAllow your hearts to show you the way and then follow that inspiration to step into this phase of creation.

Good morning dearest friends and family! I am Sanat Kumara, I am Raj, holder of the planetary Logos, your friend

Top 8 Spiritual Protection Techniques to Clear Negative Energy

meditation one eraoflightIt’s vital for all enlightened people to know spiritual protection techniques in order to remove negative energy from our lives.

There are many different kinds of negativity. Some people carry negative energy with them and pass it on when

Eating Leafy Greens Each Day Tied to Sharper Memory, Slower Decline

mother earth era of light dot comTo age well, we must eat well. There has been a lot of evidence that heart-healthy diets help protect the brain.

The latest good news: A study recently published in Neurology finds that healthy seniors who

Confusion Principle

thebluerayPsychological manipulation through means of propaganda and information warfare was once limited within the scope of the Controller Pillars of Society, via countries, states, militaries, and intelligence agencies. Today, even everyday people have become important players in these media campaigns

Mother Divine: Your Own Unique Song

newlight eraoflightdotcomDearest of hearts, listen to me, you have your own unique song that you were born to sing. Each and every beautiful soul, a bounty of blessing to behold. For in you each is a Divine and special gift, a blessing from heaven for you to walk with

Sananda: The Moon Event Was A Catalyst

EmmanuelIt is Sananda. I AM going to speak first here and then I will bring my dear friend St. Germain and he will share with you much more.

But for at this point now as you continue on in your various