Aquarius Team from Sirius B: Anchoring The Divine Frequencies

cetaceans eraoflightdotcomDear Souls,

During Meditation I was from the Aquarians from Sirius B and feeling their presence once more and in receiving the following guidance they remind us that so much work is being undertaken with the Waterways upon your Earth.

Blue Sphere of the Halls of Amenti Thou Gaurdians come forth…

Connecting with the vibration of Neptune and Stella Maris I begin….

Maia Volcani, Sala ci a Neptuni, hara quirini nerio Martis… I AM…. the star of the sea

Now connecting with Sirius B I connect now with the Aquarius Team…. and the message comes forth…

Indeed dear ones progress is being made with the Waterways upon your Earth…. For time and space we bring forth the transmissions and frequencies to your Earth as many ascending souls are indeed coming forth in great awareness.

We are on the Aquarius Team from Sirius B. We are the Dolphin People who are a part of the Blue Oraphim Dolphinoid Race from Sirius B. We are a part of the Starseed Rebirth Team from Aquafaria.

The fourteenth dimensional Inner Earth Liquid Light birthing chambers of the Original One.

Our magical family of Dolphins, Whales, Orcas, Seals, Unicorns, Mermaids, Mermen and Fairies all live with us in our Crystal Mansion in Aquafaria.

Our Mother, Our Divine Mother, Our Cosmic Mother who has never left her perfect form divinely guides our pathway.

The Aquafarians were the part of us all who chose to never leave the perfect magical kingdom of Divine Consciousness to experience the polarity of the third dimension.

That magical kingdom of freedom, joy, creativity, and a life of making rainbows between dancing in the Aqua waters and floating on clouds is waiting for the return of the children from the stars.

Our family of our blue crystal birth include many forms of the waters. They are Cetacean entities who can transform into light, leave the oceans and appear back in Aquafaria and we have worked with your Earth for Eons… many of you will have connected with our vibration in the Golden Ages of Ancient Times of Lemuria and Atlantis where we worked greatly with the Transmissions.

It was Mother Mary who took us on our first trip to Aquafaria to show us our Crystal Mansion. Mother Mary wrapped us into her frequencies.

And we anchor these Divine frequencies and strung our wave signatures up through Shamballa, into the Underwater Cities of Light and into the Cloud Cities above. She then wove our light signature all through the milky sunlight of the Milky Way and into her Golden Cosmic Egg of the Heart of the Milky Way.

Mary told us that the only way to ascend is to connect our Crystal Heart into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, her Crystal Heart of the Milky Way and then into the Crystal Heart of the Aquarius Galaxy where we originated from.

She then completed weaving our frequency signature up into the stars of Aquafaria where we re-united with our Blue Dolphinoid Sirius B Starry Family.

Mother Mary created a rainbow bridge for us to ride on liquid light energy that would eternally connect us into ONENESS with all of the wave signatures in the Music of the Spheres between Aquarius and Aquafaria.

We can now absorb all of these blue crystal starseed frequencies and exhale them into our music and into the atmosphere around us to create our new Kingdom on Earth.

Now we have been initiated into the Oraphim Dolphinoid Blue Crystal Birthing Team. We can now bridge all dimensions of time and space through the Blue Crystal Ascension portal from Sirius B in the Aquarius Galaxy into Earth’s atmosphere, through our Temples, and then into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

Next we connect into our Aquafarian Birthing Chambers- our original home with our Cosmic Mother. It is she that breathes and sings the original birthing frequencies of our original Cosmic Wave Signatures to align us into the harmonic balance that allows us to become One Fabulous Symphony with all others in our Quantum Field.

Next, we exhale out into the Infinite Void of Source Consciousness and then inhale the frequencies of Infinity that transmute all into the Highest Frequency.

We bring the Highest Frequency to Earth through Music when we breathe these magical frequencies onto our Sound Tracks.

We exhale the Ultra Violet Blue and Golden Frequencies of stardust lined with shimmering rainbow colors created from the helium of the fourteenth dimension streaming through the liquid light Aquafarian essence and into the Inner Earth’s Sun.

We continue weaving all of the way up through Sun Alcyone into Aquafaria and into all of the eleven billion suns of the Milky Way. We exhale this Ultra Violet Blue Sun Frequency into our Music. We exhale these frequencies into the atmosphere around us to create our Brand New Island of Light.

We live within a blue crystal lotus blossom with twelve layers of twelve crystals that resonate to Aqua Blue frequency predominately to amplify the tone of home of our Unconditional Love into the rebirth of Magical Kingdom of Aqua Turquoise Crystal Rainbow Frequencies into our Island of Light.

Our Island of Light is created on an Aqua Blue Violet Cloud of star dust. The cloud is the size of a foot ball field.

On top of the cloud is a Golden Star Dust Pad of Mother Love Magic Carpet created by Mother Mary from the Cosmic Egg of the Milky Way.

On top of the Magic Carpet is a Lotus Blossom with Four layers of twelve crystals of all colors of the rainbow that connect into Oneness at the speed of light.

The Crystal Star Merkaba is the symbol and vehicle for speed of light transportation connecting all into Oneness at any point in time. We connect into the crystal pillars of the Aquafarian (Blue Crystal Star seed Birthing Chamber) Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

Each of these pillars carries the frequency signatures of all of those Angelic ideas who have created us and who are allowing us to be reborn on Earth into this Frequency that allows us to be Christ Bodies walking on Earth and to Orb into Pure Light to travel on these crystal light pillars into all of the galaxies and beyond.

We are very much working with the Stargates at this time to anchor these frequencies to your Mother Earth.

We embrace you all with love and harmony…

We are the Aquarius Team on Sirius B and we speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

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