Montague Keen: Time’s Up For The Cabal

montaguekeen messages eraoflightThere is a battle raging on Earth to control the minds of humanity. Time is running out for the Cabal. They now find themselves exposed and unable to defend their evil actions. They have only ever had one fear: that the man on the street will wake up

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Nazis Align With White Dragon

eraoflight world newsA major peace deal was reached last week in negotiations that took place literally under the light of the blue-blood super moon in a certain Asian country last week, according to sources who were present. As are result of this, the Nazi

Saint Germain: The Perfect Now

st germainYes, I am Saint Germain.

It is always a special time to be able to be with you these ways. And as you are knowing these ways that we come to you now are not going to be for too much longer. Because those

Master Christ: What You Can Give to Mankind

sanandaThe time of waiting is over, because more and more people enter into the consciousness of now.


Beloved humans

Ashtar and Sananda: Change Continues

council of lightGreetings ground team! It is I, Ashtar of the Galactic Federation and I ask you, if you can feel the change in the winds? For change is advancing rapidly on the surface of our dear Mother Gaia, who is rapidly in the throes of ascension. As are you dear friends

8.5-Mile Pyramid’ Discovered at Bottom of the Ocean

unfolding mysteriesA mysterious pyramid-like structure has been found on the ocean floor, and now theories are being bandied about regarding what the underwater object could be. Marcelo Igazusta of Argentina found the structure in the Pacific Ocean to the west of Mexico while exploring on Google Earth.

While Igazusta suspects

The Sun Gate to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun


When the Sungate to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun opened in November/December 2017, the window of

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts Stop the Spread of Breast and Other Cancers

mother earth era of light dot comScientists have discovered that broccoli and Brussels sprouts have the ability to stop the spread of cancer. Eating the vegetables encourages the body to produce a substance known as 13C (indole-3-carbinol) which fights cancer and blocks cancer cells from

Saul: For Eons Love Was Practically Unknown Among Humans

saul eraoflightdotcomHere in the spiritual realms we are watching over you with joy as humanity’s awakening process continues to unfold, just as divinely planned. Remember, we are all One. Therefore anything we think, say, or do affects everyone else, and here in the spiritual realms we are offering you