The Federation: The RV, New Dawn

change through action eraoflightdotcomDEAR HUMANITY,

Please know there are many light-workers, healers spiritually awake people who are ready to aid as many awaken from your dream state to connect with truth.

The truth of living in a matrix controlled by a handful of families. The truth that set religions and their books have been altered to fit the needs of the religious money making organizations. Truth that Atrocities have been done to humanity by the very people trusted in government. And truth that a pedophile ring is world wide feeding off innocent children.

Lies about wars and how they are started again by governments in control and corporations that make money are manipulations that need to be seen to recognize it so it doesn’t happen again.

First step is to recognize. Second is to not allow fear or anger to take over. And third is to integrate with compassion to follow the heart.

Awaken beloved ones, to know who you are as eternal beings and get out of the matrix to live as meant to FREE with abundance inside love.

Stay grounded as you all integrate the new energies with the truth as there will be many new inventions and cures that have been suppressed to now surface.

Soon the obstacles of the past will be lifted. It will be lifted for many reasons. A new government is ready FOR the people are in the wings. The old controlling families who infuriated the media, government banking systems Big Pharmaceutical Companies and corporations are being disabled behind the scenes.

Many arrests against humanity are taking place and the truth will be revealed all at the appropriate time. Too much disclosure at one time would not aid but hinder. It is all happening inside divine timing.

If possible look beyond the Trump fabrications and lies. See him as being there to bring the United states back to its people. Notice the word United is right there which is a place needed to be. United for peace and love inside our differences.

The delays in the RV also has its schedule. The money is part of the worlds destiny. We understand it has been a roller coaster for many but things had to be implemented first. And it will take place VERY VERY soon.

You are a young species who has been controlled and manipulated. Many events orchestrated to keep mankind prisoners.

Everyone will be awakening to know this has been a game to realign with source energies and vibrate in-order to ascend to the frequency of love.

Everyone has the choice and need to release those who have played the dark roles — Hitler, Kazarian’s like the Rockefeller’s, Bushes etc. Any of the many companies that have kept discoveries from the population.

When all the truths come out do not side with anger or fear but rather compassion. This is the time to integrate inside intentions and deep breaths to anchor with light.

Individually in your homes YOU are powerful. Together with love you are powerful and can vibrate in-order to move on the wave of harmony. Believe in yourselves and ask for help when you need it.

Many beings stand in service. Ask and trust that you will receive. For you all have gifts and the more you connect and shed your own programing and doubts the more you will experience them, like telepathic gifts, channeling, etc.

Above all remember your body is sacred. You do not want to eat fast food. As it is NOT FOOD. If you find you are eating poorly use supplements they will keep you fit.

Understand the energies are strong so if you feel tired give yourself extra naps. If you feel dizzy or headache’s know it is most likely integration of the new energies.

This grand experiment on earth is coming to a close as your young species begins to thrive and grow on a planet.

Earth is worthy of having your gratitude and long overdue attention. A planet soon to join forces with the universe and with beings of the Galactic Federation.

We love you now you love yourselves and get with the flow in these exciting times. Let the Celebration begin.

Let the new dawn start as a new chapter begins in mankind’s legacy.

We thank Star for her transcribing our message. We are the light and love of the Federation who stand in service with admiration for all those who agreed to be present on earth at this time.

Go in Peace. – Channel: Star Blossom