Prepare for Breakthroughs

light shines unravels eraoflightdotcomSignificant breakthroughs can happen this week due to a combination of the Feb. 15new moon solar eclipse and the beginning of Chinese Earth Dog Year. Continue reading for some examples of what to pay attention to.

Indeed, this entire week is super charged with transformational energies. Some of these energies may seem to push you from behind, nudging you to step boldly into new territories. Still other energies may bring new people into your circle, expanding your connections and bringing opportunities. A relationship with a partner or colleague could deepen, too, in part because of how the energies catalyze a rethinking of interpersonal dynamics.

Relationships will continue as a dominant theme in 2018. In “Predictions 2018” I describe the importance relationships play this year in your personal and spiritual growth. During energy cycles like we have this week, the spotlight will be on 1-1 relationships and what needs to shift for more balance and happiness. At times it may feel like a relationship is under a magnifying glass – the light shining on dynamics that prevent a full connection. If you experience this, step back for a higher view and invite a knowing of how your interactions can be more loving and kind.

This week’s energy gateway is a perfect time to become more present with your passion and goals. If you have been telling yourself that you will do something but you hesitate to mention when, shift your dialogue out of the vague future timeline and begin describing your goal as something that is in process now. When you keep a goal in the future, it stays there. Quantum creating means you recognize multiple timelines and the natural progression of ideas and happenstance. A step you took last month or last year could just now be a fruitful seed for your goal. Keep the energy moving for success.

One way to keep the energy moving is to regularly update your goals during a high-potency week like this. You aren’t standing still, even if at times you may feel like you are. Much is changing within you in these early days of 2018. Invite a knowing of how your internal shifts can translate into a “rewrite” of your goals. Don’t settle for how you thought of things before.

Remember your role as a divine changemaker. In that role, you are constantly evolving and becoming more authentic. At each step during that process, your energy vibrates higher and opens more doors of opportunity for you to walk through. Celebrate this now, trusting that you are fully supported on your path of light.


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