Heavenletters: The Theory of Relativity

heavenlettersGod said:

No matter how much you may yearn or even mourn for something you don’t find anywhere you look, remind yourself in Truth, nothing is really lost. You may not know how to bring your precious jewel up to the surface, yet it exists somewhere hidden to you from the surface of the world. With know-how, you would know how to find it, whatever it make be, the lace tablecloth your mother loved, your check book, a lost love letter, a lost phone number, a lost thought, a lost love.

Of course, you always have an important reason to seek its return to you right where you can pull out whenever you want.

The Essence of Truth is never lost, which isn’t to say that you are promised to have it safe and sound in your hand and to possess it in your preferred way. Of course, the return of what you lost matters very much to you. Beloveds, I do not hold this out to you as a guarantee just like that Certainly, what you lost is stored in your Heart.

Of course, there are other matters that matter more. Life Itself matters more. Your Loved Ones matter more. Even your bank book may matter more.

This is the thing. In the world as it appears to you, everything is relative. Therefore, everything in the world comes in a varying perspective. The most important thing to you today may appear as small potatoes tomorrow. Or vice versa.

You are well aware that your mind changes. You stand on an illusion of stability that may be more like air under you. The relative world is a mix. It is water boiling.

Ah, now God’s Truth, the Absolute Truth is a different story. True Truth does not change. You may well not be aware that Infinity is in your hand, that you yourself are Infinite. Therefore, I vow to you that Death does not factor into your Life. Death seems True to you, yet death is a myth, a myth you believe in with all your Heart, whereas, Life Eternal appears more like a myth to you, a nice one, yet more like a spoof when you come down to it.

On occasion, you may sometimes begun to perceive Me as a Mere Myth when in True Reality, you can’t get Truer than you can get with Me. Beloveds, I am Truer than the ground you walk on and numbers you write.

The fact is that the Five Senses are not True at all. Facts may be factual, yet factual does not mean True. Do you remember studying in junior high school that your eyes see, in fact, from the vantage of an upside down image. Seeing, Beloveds, is not Believing.

Are you reminded of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as perceived from two different spots on a train? Perhaps Relativity may mean that anything is possible. Therefore, anything may be fiction. No perhaps about it, particularly what I, God, see as I see it from the angle of Heaven, which I most certainly do, is the Absolute Truth.

Be aware of standard thinking. Why? Well, Dear Ones, because, with standard thinking, you may miss out on what is Absolutely True. Of course, what appears as True to you appears from where you are sitting. This is another good reason why you don’t want to so certain that you are as smart as you think you are. Think of this: You may be far smarter than you you think!

Beloveds, I do bet on you. Open yourself to your own openness and even go so far as to change where you come from and sit.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff