Heavenletters: How Many Times Must God Remind You?

heavenlettersGod said:

There is no such thing as in the Nick of time. Nor is nothing too soon or too late. All is when it is. This is one way to look at Life, you understand. Certainly, no tears require being shed. It’s a fine idea to stream toward that all is just right. This one idea alone will smooth out your Life. Life on Earth isn’t frittered away whatever you may say of it.

As in the fairy tales, everything is just right. You are just right. And everyone is the Fairest of All.

Let go of all assigned barriers to your Lives, Beloveds. You can take perfection to too high stakes.

Consider, what if you are just right as you are. Even if you have faulted yourself or been faulted all your Life, sit back and relax today. Put a stop to all the critiquing. Belabor yourself no longer.

Look, I, God, say you are okay, VERY OKAY. I accept you as you are today. My only objection is that you are too fussy. Beloveds, in My eyes, you are Golden. What if I am right, and you are the One mistaken? In fact, you can bet on it.

Pat yourself on the back even a little bit.

Where did this idea of Ultimate Perfection come from that seems unreachable for you? Who set that idea in motion? Not I? If I didn’t, who did? If you see yourself as ultimately misbegotten, then you are indeed mistaken.

Be Kinder to others, and kinder to yourself. The two go hand in hand.

Be more welcoming to yourself. If I can welcome you, can you not also welcome yourself heartily, and welcome yourself again and again? What is all this unwelcoming and bedraggling you about?

Every day doesn’t have to be a grand test of acceptance. Beloveds, what is wrong with you that you often start out discontent and displeased. Who told you this is the way to be? Not I.

I request that you be serene instead. Good grief, be easy to please. I made you. I am an Artist. I am not a flop. Look at the Beauty of Nature that surrounds you. Are you really going to tell Me differently?

Take a look at the common dandelion. Does she not wear a beautiful yellow? And is not every petal sensational? I mean, c’mon!

Tell Me, how would you improve on what God hath wrought? Would you decide that a daffodil would make a better dandelion? A golden iris is also beautiful, no doubt. I am convinced that there is Beauty everywhere. Don’t miss out on any of it. Keep your Heart and eyes open. Open wide. Miss out in nothing.

This is my heartfelt request to you. If you have been compressing yourself, stop it now. If you don’t see Beauty everywhere, you are indeed missing out.

Excuse Me, Beloveds, what drop of rain is not beautiful and holds a treasure, what design of snow, what face on Earth is not poignant?

No one has to be like anyone else nor must anyone be vastly different. Here’s the thing. Everyone left to his own devices is beautiful. You are beautiful. Are you going to tell Me differently?

Give up, foolish ones. Concede. End the argument right now. Lie down in the middle of the road, and I will show you of what Magnificence you are made from A to Z.

If every dandelion is filled to the brim with Beauty, what gives you the idea that any Human Being including you can trail behind? Wake up, Beloveds. There is no Beauty missing under the Sun. Ah, there are eyes that do not see. Now, do as I say, and you will see Beauty from the rafters. Hop to it, dear Ones of My Heart.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff