Freedom: Spark of the Ego

angelic being eraoflightGreetings to You Lightholder! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

When I begun this series titled Freedom the intent was to make this a weekly share, every Thursday(skipped a couple). This is meant to write about something, anything that comes to mind, that is in hope uninfluenced, uninhibited by anything outside of myself, and perhaps unique, different from what you’re used to reading. So here we go…

Divine is everything. The divine is in all. Divine too are the things we attempt to rid  ourselves of without ever realizing that perhaps it is impossible to do that, at least for now. Selfishness is divine. The ego is divine. Why do we say this?

In truth you were not created, for you eternally ARE. If you were created, this would mean that you are not eternal, or that at some point in Creation there was no you. Do you follow? Yes? We’ll continue…

So they say you were created, from love, but you were also created from ego. If we are to be completely honest with ourselves, if there was no ego in the Divine, in you, you would not be here now.

The matrix, the illusion, the game would not exist. There would be no need for this so called divine plan if there was no ego in the Divine. Do you follow?

It is essential to understand that we are not speaking of the ego in a negative sense, the ego is an instrument of the Divine, the ego is Divine. Ahh, words are so limiting when it comes to expressing light.


Do you follow? We call this the Divine Ego, some call it the Spiritual Ego.

Now, just as you have a Higher Self, higher aspects in higher dimensions, and you have your lower/smaller self here now, and have forgotten the true you, your ego too has become small, it has become the shadow ego, the you verses I.

The original state of Creation was/is bliss. Bliss, pure unconditional joy, BEYOND THOUGHT, is the highest vibration. Love is not the highest vibration? What we call love, is a key to realizing our truest state/essence which once again is bliss.

In the original state, Creation simply is, beyond any term, anything comprehensible by the brain or mind for that matter. At some point in this isNESS, Creation became bored in his/her bubble of bliss. What happened? The ego just came to life. The rest is history as they say. But is it?

In truth, this can only be history when the whole illusion is dissolved, and every thing that exists finds itself back in the bubble of bliss that it once was in. By this we do not mean all will dissolve back into oneness, the child will never return to his/her mother’s womb. What we say here is simply that all once again become aware of their truest self, and that is LIGHTconscious/ness.

Bliss is the only true freedom for it is your original state. Which requires no thing. No action of any sort, just BEing. However, this thing called love, as many wish to think it requires no doing, yet many find themselves taking action out of love. Why? It is embedded in our essence to care for one another. This is why beings from the highest dimensions are reaching out to humanity now, we are a part of them, and they of us. Perhaps also a little bit for karmic reasons for ‘mingling’ with humanity in the distant past, but that is a whole ‘nother subject.

Imagine existing in this moment, in your very original state. No interaction, no action, no reaction, at all. Just BLISS. Somehow this would make Creation stagnant. How is the STILL LAKE stagnant? It simply IS. It need not be any thing else. For even without ripples or waves, it is still magnificent for it is WHOLE.

That is all for today. Take what you will and leave the rest for later; for a true master does not dismiss a thing.

From heart to heart, I AM KejRaj!