Council of Light: Planetary and Energy Shifts

starflash eraoflightConnecting with my Higher Self, with the Councils of Light and Love and with my Spirit Guide Team I have the following Energy Update for you all:

We have now entered 2018 and it is the year of 11 and Universal Manifestation.

We have been experiencing timeline shifts and for many Ascending Souls this experience has been apparent prior to the Mayan and Cosmic Shift in 2012. These shifts has been intensifying and for many it can be confusing also. The energy will continue to be in fast pace with many cosmic events taking place at this time… releasing transmuting and transforming are the key words for this current shift.

Lets begin with the Eclipses….

Eclipses are part of an 18.6 year cycle designed to keep us on our toes, alert, on purpose, awake to life’s growth potential. Eclipses trigger the learning the releasing the growing the changing and more importantly… renewal.

Let us begin with the recent Full Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. The Leo is very regal and it is a representation of the Solar Sun with it’s ruling planet… and this has triggered the healing of the Divine Masculine as the Feminine (Lunar – Moon) has fully anchored for 2017 the year of the Fire Rooster – The Rising Phoenix was truly the year of the Rise of the Feminine and saw many changes and brought about much healing and balance. 2018 is truly the year of the Masculine and bringing about that Balance and Alignment. 

Releasing and Balancing are the keys… Many will be feeling a transmutation of old Karmic Blueprints cosmic memory of old self, shadow selves, belief systems, family genetic imprints, cellular memory and inner child. Many will have been feeling symptoms of nausea and tiredness upon releasing….

On 15th February, we enter Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse and we are truly inside the Age of Aquarius and Aquarius is indeed about the Masses…

With Balance and Alignment of the Sun and Moon we enter the new and it is about Truths being told to the Masses… Many changes are taking place… a time of planting new seeds… a time of development and growth… a time to receive…

DNA activations and rebuilding new templates of crystalline structures to prepare your Soul to assist humanity in the next steps of the Ascension Process…

Star Gate Alignments have begun aligning all the Ascending Souls allowing those whom have fully integrated the Crystalline Consciousness and Templates to fully align with the Sun. 

Activations from the Great Central Sun unfold releasing harmomics, frequencies, light codes plasma codes and activations and new Sacred Geometric codes and shapes are unfolding. 

Solar Gateways are triggering upgrades connecting Ascending Souls now to the 0000 Point Source Energy – The Mahatma Energy.

New Earth Grids aligned last year merging the crystalline core of Gaia Earth with the crystalline grid of the Sun and the Great Central Sun…. These Grids connect to the Gate Ways and Star Gates that enable you to connect with the Higher Dimensions creating a New Earth Experience.

We must set our focus upon these Gate Ways to create and facilitate this New Earth Experience here on Gaia Earth. 

Focus upon the Star Gates of Abundance and Prosperity in this year of 2018/11 to release proverty consciousness from the Hearts of Mankind as part of this New Earth Experience here on Gaia Earth. 

There are more planetary alignments taking place Mars transits through Sagittarius (January 26 – March 17) focus upon your Throat Chakra… releasing being mindful of your words… at the same time in alignment with the Solar Eclipse the Truths are unfolding….

Sun enters Pisces on February 18, there is an energetic shift into the mystical, intuitive and healing waters of universal connection. On February 21, Venus joins Neptune in Pisces, and together they instill ultimate compassion, release and forgiveness.

Be embraced for there will be a major planetary alignment at the end of February, for there is an extraordinary alignment of celestial bodies spanning the Pisces sky (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron). This creative combination evokes planetary healing, artistry and spirituality. In challenging times, art emerges. The miraculous, numinous, ineffable field of all potential is always present for inspiration, guidance and healing.

Newly awakened Souls, It is a truly a time to connect with your abilities and what you have been called here upon this Earth to fulfill… A time to clear connect and release traumas from the cellular memory and the inner child and to connect once more for the inner child desires the freedom and prosperity and connection… 

With the new energies coming forth from the Galactic Core we foresee fresh waves of awakening Souls.

The message at this time dear ones you are not alone upon your pathway… The Flower of Life is truly expanding now and you are truly part of this beautiful Flower that is in full bloom now.

I leave you with every blessing. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio