Heavenletters: From Where Does Patience Come?

heavenlettersGod said:

From where does patience come when you are chomping at the bit with impatience? Patience is hard to come by.

What is the cure for impatience? Patience, of course. The more impatient you are, the harder patience is.

Impatience is, indeed, an impasse. It’s implied that you set this impasse for yourself.

You would love to be a calm person. You would gladly reform. You would kiss the feet of Patience if only you could. As it is, you are challenged. Patience isn’t something you have a handle on. You don’t enjoy impatience one bit. You would jail impatience if ou knew how. You have no use for shoddy impatience whatsoever.

Impatience has you by the nape of your neck. Impatience pounds in your heart. Impatience is a waste of time and energy. You would throw impatience away with all your Heart.

You do know better than to be impatient, yet what good does knowing do for you? Oh, yes, you understand the concept. All you have to do is simply relax, settle down, let go of this urgent mood you seem to swim in. You don’t want it, yet you continue at its beck and call.

You believe the basis of impatience is a sense of helplessness. You envy anyone who isn’t under the yoke of impatience. At the same time, all the Patient Griseldas in the worldrub you the wrong way. You want to get on with whatever it is that keeps you back. So far patience hasn’t apportioned you your share. You could scream at patience for all the good it does you.

Impatience is like a skin rash. You don’t ask for it, yet you are scratching all the time.

If you knew how to rise above impatience, you would be first in line. You feel like a fire-eater. No one in his or her right mind would choose to be a fire-eater. Really, have all the calm people chosen patience, or are they possibly just lucky? What is the real deal here really?

Where is the line you can stand in to give up your impatience. You didn’t chase after it. You would leave impatience in the lurch if it were up to you. You have no assurance that patience is an option for you.

Has anyone really deep down changed from impatience to patience?

Is patience merely a con job, a promise held on high that turns to dust?

Is impatience your birthright? Or is it your cross to bear? You are out of patience with impatience? Can it be you are the only one in this boat?

To be patient is good advice, yet the advice is no good at all.

The best you can tell you are simply at the mercy of impatience. Is it for you to put away salt and pepper and calm yourself with sugar instead? Or thick sweet cream or cream puffs?

What can you offer to this tyrant impatience to allay it and get it out of your way?

You would take the cure gladly.

You have been yearning for patience all your Life. How can it be that you are inadequate to the task? It feels that you were cut off from patience at the onset.

It’s possible you were patient back in the days of Santa Claus. You looked forward to Santa Claus. You anticipated his gifts. You were eager for them. You were ready. You don’t recall ever tapping your foot impatiently in the early days of Santa Claus.

Hmm, you don’t recall ever asking Santa for patience, however.

Beloved, have you ever asked Me to heal your rash? Let’s see what I can do.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff