Horus and Mother Sekhmet: Energy Unfolding

starflash eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, Mother Sekhmet Durga and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming forth:

Dear Children,

The energy is unfolding – the children of the Sun come forth at this hour for the Sun is rising once more.

The day hath come when we call upon the earth to enter into greater stages of love and understanding.

The paths of the Ascending Souls, the Lightbearers, Starseeds and Wayshowers that have agreed to come forth to your Earth in this now to bring a greater understanding of the Truths unfolding.

For the work upon your Earth is great in this now and much is changing. Alignments are coming forth and we say children dear children – Grace and Ease… for much unfolds as intended and all in good time.

All is coming forth now as the energy from the Great Central Sun of this System of Worlds is bringing in a fresh wave of energy and activation. There are new codes being anchored at this time and those Ascending Souls will be receiving a wave of Codes and Geometric Shapes aligning them with the greater Cosmic Knowledge.

Connection with the Ancient Knowledge is coming forth into the Conscious minds as the connections with Timelines and the Emerald Gateways unfold – The escalation of greater knowledge and awareness comes forth.

Great alignments are taking place at this time with Nebula in the Orion the 42 Messier birthing of new stars takes place… and in this we birth a new nation of starseeds – Star Light shining bright for the Orion – the Masculine receives a greater healing a greater understanding… an understanding that the Wounded Warrior of Ages Past is rising once more shining the Light once more…

Connections with the Ancient Traditions pave the way to greater understanding to the new Energies coming forth.

Many arising Souls align now the Masculine and Feminine will receive the balance and alignment for the Priesthood of the Ancients unfolds many will receive greater knowledge of these days through Alchemy and Healing – the greater knowledge of the Order of Melchizedek and the Priesthoods of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, and the Asia. Alignment unfolds and the Ascending Souls will find themselves connecting with the Divinity of Dakina and Daka the Sacred Priesthood of the Cosmic Forces. For Enlightenment is the key to the Ascending Souls upon this hour.

The Pranic Energy of the Sun and the Diamond Ray of Light amplified to bring forth that much needed healing energy.

It is time for all to experience the new Superluminal Light frequencies that are being anchored into the New Earth on this Eclipse Portal.

A wonderful ray of Energy comes forth from the Golden Temples throughout the Planet of Venus to your Earth so that you can receive Healing on the deepest level of our Being. This is to prepare you know for the next steps of your Ascension.

The Energy of your Earth will now be uplifted and many of you hath work to do now. Many shifts will be taking place. Many of you will be receiving healing and release now at a deeper level as your light bodies receive the activations at this time for you to complete the work that you are here to do.

Each of you will act as a Divine anchor so that you begin to step into your roles as Earth Stewards and Guardians. This marks a huge shift in Planetary Consciousness and as you each take on these New Templates for yourselves, we also do it for our Earth Mother, taking the entire Collective one step closer to wholeness and oneness.

Venus is a place of Pure Love which wishes to usher us and Planet Earth further into the Golden Age of Light. Venus brings forth great healing and vitalizing energies on every level of Being, this begins within the Heart just as it serves as the Epicenter of Being within our Universe so will this be reflected within our own Being. The Venus Portal continues to offer great changes upon our Planet including all life therein every time there is a direct Galactic planetary alignment and this Eclipse will offer a even greater shift than we have experienced before. We will be dissolving much of the old paradigm energies which we hold within our own Being extending across our entire Planet.

This is a opportune time to for all of humanity to make a leap in Consciousness and to take a giant leap in Evolution as we are supported by these immense energies that Venus is providing.

You will be guided into a series of activations along with the deep healing so that we can receive the New Templates that will allow us to reflect and express these grand spectrums of Light that are now being made available.

A collective is taking place at this time to anchor in the changes on your earth plane.

I work now with my beloved Heru to awaken Souls and to progress them on their path of enlightenment. We also work with other vibrations to anchor in the energy required on your earth plane such as the Order of Melchizedek, Sananda and Lady Master Magda, and Sanat Kumara. At a cosmic level we are pulling together the Galactical Forces and Agartha at this time to assist with the activation and healing energy at planetary and cosmic level.

I bring forth now the healing energy of my beloved Temples on Venus, Hu-Orinla, Ala-Shala, and The Temple of the Heart to bring forth the Healing Energy, the Crystaline Energy and the Diamond Energy and bring this forth to each and every planet that is in need of it at this time.

A thread of gold light, the stream of Venus consciousness, connects from us in the Temple of the Heart to where we are on Earth, anchoring it in as the Diamond Grid of Light. We feel the joy and love of all of creation, with the group that is gathered, and with the beings of Venus.

I leave you know with the Love of Venus of Orion and of the Great Central Sun – Enjoy the vibrations of which we bring.
I leave you with this love and message for my beloved has something to say.

I AM Mother Sekhmet – Durga and I speak through Elaine this day.

Heru is now coming through….


Dear Children,

I speak through the Heart of my beloved to the Hearts of you all.

I come forth this day with a greater blessing for you are entering a time now that you have not seen upon this earth since the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Transmissions and connections between the dimensions of Light and Love are truly unfolding. I bring forth great blessing from the Great Central Sun for the energy is changing and it is unfolding once more.

I want to take your hand dear children and show you the clear path; the clear surrounding where the light shines and you are stood in knowing certainty, but I cannot. You must do this yourselves for it is a learning of the Soul and a Self Mastery. As much as I would take you, I can, and then you must climb the rest of the way. This is how it is. This is how we journey upon the spiral of our lives; how our spirit increases in virtue, in love, in growth; how we get closer to the Source: We live our journey, each one of us. That is the way.

You pulse, a heartbeat upon this planet, this living resource that is your bloodline, that is your life, that is you. The sun’s rays help you breathe, bring you breath, and each expansion, each sigh, each ripple of knowledge that filters out into the system that is creation, is you.

Each being upon her or his own vibration resonates individually, and yet they harmonise with another and others. The key is to align with those who ring similarly. In this way, healing. In this way, Love. In this way, greater human evolution can be achieved.

It is the task of individuals to find the map that leads the way to each who harmonises similarly. It is the task of individuals to locate their groups. The map is in the matter world. It is in the vibrations that are the energies that surround you and you must feel them. But in order to feel them you must be able to pay attention to them; you must be able to heed them. And this requires fine tuning. It requires practice. It requires extending your hearing and your listening to the signals of your own body; to your internal knowing.

And from this you can navigate. From this you can find your way in the world, and you can migrate to those who vibrate similarly. You will know them by their touch. You will know them by how they make you feel. And it is through those relationships that you will find the truth of the vibration that harmonises with your Eternal Self.

The Key of Life is Self Love and Inner Knowing for it is there that you will find the Truths of Self and the Universe. Self Mastery is in the Inner Knowing and in this comes forth a greater expansion of Consciousness.

I leave you with every peace and blessing.

I am Heru and I speak through Elaine this Day.

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