Trump Investigating Parkland Shooting With Military! It’s On!

donald trumpTom Heneghan just reported his intel sources have told him President Trump is doing his own investigation into the Parkland Florida High School shooting using the military and others he trusts!  Tom will have a huge update on tomorrow’s show so subscribe to our Youtube and get on my Newsletter so you get all updates first!

Trump has most likely been told about all the funny business (active shooter drills, multiple shooters, secret service involvement etc) going on and no longer has any faith in the criminal FBI!  You can tell by his attacks on the FBI over the last two days that something BIG is coming!  With Trump now looking into this shooting using his own investigators we’ve just gone to a whole new level!   It’s on like Donkey Kong!  Anybody that believes anything the “officials” or fake news says are complete fools.  You never trust known liars with anything!

To make sure Trump and his team is aware of all the evidence including Google showing articles for the shooting dated two days before the shooting! (see below), Tweet all evidence to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump.   If we do this, Trump and his staff will see it!   Spread it around everywhere so your friends know the news is hiding huge evidence!  We’ve caught them red handed and we must step on their throats!   You sharing information will wake up others who don’t know the news is 100% fake yet and is censoring everything!  We all must do more NOW to break the back of the criminal mainstream media now and tweet to all hosts that put out some truth and tell them to stop holding back the rest for the sake of the Republic!  Remember Trump is our only hope so all truth warriors must take the fight to the next level!   Fire everything you’ve got now!

Google shows articles for Parkland High School Shooting 2 Days Before It Happens!

Student says active shooter drill taking place PROVING inside job 100%!

FBI Indictments based on old Troll Article from Ukraine Website!  LOL!

Judge Jeanine Just DESTROYED the lying criminal FBI!  Tweet to her ALL the evidence and tell her she’s doing a great job but for her to STOP watching the fake news!  The alternative news like BeforeItsNews has the evidence the FBI is hiding including active shooter drill going on, multiple shooters and much more in this article.  Tweet blast to Judge Jeanine, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and tell them to put out ALL the evidence on this or face our wrath!

Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Lying, FBI SCUM!   Tweet @judgejeanine this evidence and she’ll go APE!

Leo Wanta will soon be on the podcast with Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb!  Here’s when Illuminati Gatekeeper Alex Jones got busted lying about super patriot Leo Wanta!   All lies come from satan!

Another witness for second shooter steps forward!

Huge Witness destroys the official fairy tale!  Says two shooters 100%

Last Update from Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb.  Huge news on tomorrows show!  Join Newsletter to get it first!


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6 Replies to “Trump Investigating Parkland Shooting With Military! It’s On!”

  1. Deb

    All the videos have been removed. Liberals always trying to hide the truth.
    Yes, CaptainKnotzi, I am also very thankful killary lost.

  2. Patrick

    I would not say that Linda. If he would expose them now, who would believe? Who would follow? Trust, there is a plan. Arrests will come, those guilty cannot find sleep, sheriff is in tha town, they are shaking their pants now cuz they are losing. Greetings from Poland.

  3. linda

    Talk about publishing things here that are not of a spiritual nature.. these Trump things are truly NOT. I know that he is a wild card. Kryon has explained that well. I accept that. Just look at his photo attached to this post. Is there anything spiritual about this man? He is here to show us what we do not want. He is here for contrast. He is fake news!!

    1. Dawn Hubbell

      Wow, really Linda? You have NO IDEA that Trump is trying to keep our country a free country? You have NO IDEA who is in the Illuminati? They want ONE WORLD ORDER. They want to kill off all the middle class so NO ONE can compete with them. Keep the poor hungry and starving. Take over ALL the land. You may not have seen it but there are HUNDREDS of articles on the web to verify this, HUNDREDS of video’s on youtube. WHY do they want DACA to stay? BECAUSE THAT’S how killers besides the FBI get here. Have you NOT seen the news that these people are sick PEDO’S, Sold the URANIUM 1 to other countries. HOW MUCH MORE do you need to be plastered in OUR FACE before you can not see that Trump is trying to save our country? I DO NOT want a communist country!

    2. CaptainKnotzi

      You claim to be able to look at a picture and know what’s in the persons soul? Another of Stalin’s children ready to condemn. Every day I thank God hitlery lost the election.