What Matters in 2018…

aquarious ageJanuary began with a Full Moon at 11°.

January ended with a Full Moon Eclipse at 11°.

Soon March begins with a Full Moon at 11°.

2018 is an 11 Universal Year…

Three consecutive Full Moons – ALL at 11°.

At the onset of the first 11 Universal Year since the powerful shift that occurred on 12.21.2012…

Has there ever been a time when numerology and astrology have so clearly merged to proclaim the SAME message as the birth of 2018?

The 11:11 Gateway has never been swung open so wide!

Now, the time has come… YOU are invited to ENTER.

Enter the Gateway of Love.

When you do, you merge with the Divine. For, YOU are Love.

You’ve hidden from this eternal truth by forgetting that you came from Love and that the source of life itself is Love. Love is the life force that flows through you EVERY MOMENT.

  • 11 can either be lived as two vibrations, yin and yang, who are separate and divided – OR… two connecting as ONE.

When you look for Love outside of yourself, you enter the shadow side of the 11, feeling division, separation, incompletion running through your life.

As a baby you first learned that love come from your mother and then your father. However, when you search for love on the outside, you are searching for a parental replacement that makes you feel valued and loved – even if your childhood was challenging, you keep searching for this motherly love…

2018 is the year you discover Love lives permanently within you.

And, that you cannot find love anyplace else.

11 is the Gateway that opens your HEART to RECEIVE Love.

The first step is total self acceptance.

Yes, it’s pretty radical to live in non-judgment, but it is absolutely necessary in order to eliminate our primal fear – that we are inadequate and worthless.

Everyone in the eyes of God is divine and perfect.

Our pathway back to this forgotten truth is through the eternal moment, symbolized by number 11.

When you are totally present, fear is absent. You only focus on how you are BEING in that moment. You cannot be judgmental when you are just BEING PRESENT.

Incorporate into your daily life these moments of total acceptance.

No comparing to others or to past experiences.

Trust you have everything you need to successfully fulfill your chosen mission.

Know that as an incarnated human being you WILL make mistakes! Everyone does. No exceptions. Mis-takes are there for you to learn and grow – there’s always another “take” to look forward to – forever and ever!

When you own and embrace EVERY part of your human experience, including mistakes, you have found the way of wisdom – the 11 gateway.

11 reduces to 2, the number of peace and forgiveness.

Forgive yourself anytime you start going into judgment – forgive others in the same way.

Now, walk on the divine path of love.

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.


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