Official Global Currency Reset Information

realnewssource eraoflightdotThe Global System Reset information provided at is more than enough already, but I cannot under-estimated the “stupid Leaders” on Earth so this article will provided the whole picture including Money, Daily Life & Weather/Climate Change.

The Perfect Finance System must have 3 tiers:

1. Tier 1 – Land-backed Money where the rule of creating & using must be voted by the people of the land (at least 90% passed).

2. Tier 2 – Metal-backed Money where you can exchange & receive metal anytime anywhere like Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum.

3. Tier 3 – Digital Ilusion Money where you can only buy but cannot sell since once electric gone/off, that digital ilusion money worth nothing, you cannot even see it.

Tier 1 – land-backed money including soil, air, water, metals of all kind. So it is the most valuable. The reset will give everybody the same amount of land-backed money in that nation, could be 2 or 4 average year income depend on the weight of that nations. More information about land-backed money please check .

You can only use Tier 1 land-backed money to buy/sell Tier 2 metals-money (including real metals) if there is real demand offers.

You can only buy Tier 3 – digital money with Tier 2 metal-money only for digital computer made from mostly metals at the moment on Earth. But remember you cannot sell Tier 3 digital money.

Tier 2 metal-backed money must from metals only for you can easily carry, touch physical, you cannot use oil/gas/petrol since it is too hard for everybody to hold it, it can easily burn with just a fire.

Tier 3 Digital money, you must seperate the asset-backed digitals money with the one backed by nothing (mining crypto-currency, gambling-system backed by something but the public do not know).

The Golden Simple Using Money are:

– Physical Money Physical Goods

– Virtual Digital Money Virtual Digitals Goods

The current finance system on Earth already have tier 2 & 3 but no country come close to have tier 1 yet. But Tier 2 Gold-Backed are forgotten by 99.99% Earth citizens, now it owned by the Gambling-Style called Global Collector Account, some other currencies may backed by silver, bronze, oil, gas, etc. But it is too complicated since only few groups of people knew it, the public do not aware of it.

I am aware that some group want metals like Gold come out of the surface so all the Gold in current system will be transfer & everybody can see in daily life. But the problem is that they will change the weather/climate to the point un-predictable !!!

What if all the sunny nation & cold nation exchange & reserve the weather on Earth? It is going to cause a lot of problems and could become the end.

Normaly Tier 3 Fiat (in public eyes) will evolve to Tier 2 Assest-backed first then evolve to Tier 1 Land-backed, but it not going to work with the current Earth case because of the weather/climate lead to chaos: foods/daily life & everything else.

So the perfect solution must be:

In Public eyes: Go straight to land-backed money only.

In Private/Secret group: Go to assest-backed money.

The Secret group I am talking about is the one knew the rule of current system. The “rule” where all the Trillions Zimbabwe, dinar, dong, rupiah, etc. was printed backed by gold & diamond by “some groups”. The ratio I do not know & do not need to know now (could be all the rate is 1:1 in all nations).

So all the rich, the secret group will receive their physical gold, silver, oil, gas, etc. No land-backed money for them!!

The main problem now is the public still think their current money is fiat, if the Government can make land-backed money to educate the public then most the current gold-backed money is just for display & entertainment.

To make it simple: The current finance system gold-backed system will still exist until it worth close to nothing because of new system land-backed money !

Exchange, Transfer from fake fiat gold-backed to land-backed money

If not because of the new Germany Government has banned GMO crop, I would never return & post again as promised.

1. All Nations have to print new money note said backed by gold/silver/bronze/platinum on the money note. This process I already talked is the transition process ! Must begin & finish within 12 months. Remove 0 in the money note & the rate between each nation as close as possible, the rate do not change in the period.

2. Then make up story/idea to have land-backed money for you cannot eat metals, you need soil, clays, land more !!!

The biggest question now is how to distribute the land-backed money at the most fair way, not only between each person but also between each nation.


– Each citizen will receive same amount of money equal average previous-year income of that Nation (12 months, local transistion-currency value) (1 time only for everybody who 18 years old & over).

Bonus at the begin of land-backed money system: total tax money you have paid in 4 years (highest amount).


– Each company will receive amount of money equal total all employees salary have paid combine of that company from the previous year (12 months). The employee must live on that Nation land only, out-source offshore, crypto/asset money paid out do not count !

Bonus at the begin of land-backed money system: total tax money your corporation/company have paid in 4 years (highest amount). Of course only net-income tax.

12 months Convert/Redemption Chance

All entity including personal & corporation will have 12 months only to able convert from “trasistion metals-backed money” to land-backed money at face value but there will some rule:

There will 2 type of convert: Private & Public

Private: for the one including both personal & corporation who know the rule about current gold-backed system.

Public: for everybody, mainstream media

All will start & finish at the same time/date.

Private: You will allowed to convert all your money you have to metals system including Trillions Zimbabwe, dong, dinar, rial, rupiah, etc.

But the number you will receive in computer base on what type of assets-backed your currency. Example: like 100 kg of Gold, 200 kg of Silver or even 100 litre of oil, gas, petrol.

You will get that account & able to buy/sell/trade in a big bank or big stock market. But you can only sell it after the both the GCR private & public finish completely (12 months). It could be mark by the announcement of the land-backed money in the media.


Personal: all you will have 12 months to convert the current transistion-money to land-backed money at face-value as long as they can proof their money is clean, clear & legal.


If you live in the USA, UK but have the high number of the dinar, dong, rupiah, etc. Then you only have 2 choice:

1 is convert via private way like I said above (but with a risk your value will loose 99.99% value after 12 month).

2 is convert to transistion-money first then you will allowed to convert into land-backed money for the transistion-metals-backed money is a tiny portion of land-backed money of that nation.

While the in-nation people must convert to transistion-metals-money where many 0 will must taken off first. No beings on any Nation allowed to convert the current fiat 100.000, 200.000, 500 thousands notes to face value land-backed money !

Corporation/Company: all the expense of essential thing like employee salary money, electric, gas, water, internet, communication bill can be converted via straight to land-backed. Only 12 month period.


If you choose to paid employee via land-backed money then your current only the “fiat money” you paid will converted to land-backed.

What about cash/assets value the company/corporation own?

Sorry, but no, no corporations allowed to convert the “storage-cheating resources” to land-backed money with face-value. You can sell it to the market, nothing is taken from you. But remember now everything will be by CASH money, no credit money!

Of course every entity try to cheating/money laundering will not allowed to convert & get heavy punishment.

Summary: All entity will be better off with “free land-backed” money, nothing is taken from you. The only thing diffirence from now is there will be 3 tier money publicly. If you own Gold-Backed-Money now, then you still able to sell the your gold but just with difference value!

But all beings (only original human, aliens must stay away from Earth affair ) on Earth only have 12 months (360 days) to convert to land-backed money at face value, after that window then best of luck with your Gold, Oil, Petrol !

But in order for the “Global Currency Reset” happen beautiful: I prefer to see Global Trade War publicly like the King Solution Episode 05. So the “stupid” nation will get punishment.

Of course I would like to see both private & public Zimbabwe money note trading, the rule about Zimbabwe public trading I already talk with 1 million per Zimbabwe note to billion if you meet the “lottery requirements” !!!

All the private & public converting/redemption currency must start & finish at the same time, 12-24 months period before the beginning of 2020 is a nice number !

The the most important thing is the land-backed money must be real, not fake where there cannot be toxic GMO, pestiside, artificial chemical, etc. Everything must be transperency/clear in the public including cost of product, material, etc.

Good Luck, Have Fun

Udumbara Flower Holy King