Ashtar: Lighting Up

ashtarGreetings friends, it is I, your friend Ashtar here just above your Earth’s orbit and enjoying a rather spectacular view. Your lights are “lighting it up”, as you say, and it is a pleasure to watch, to observe and to participate in the grand experiment as it reaches its’ conclusion.

I know you are weary, most weary, and some of you are irritated today. May I remind you that the thousands of years of bondage are in the process of being terminally completed? Surely you can rest in this knowledge that Creator’s ways are perfect in Devine timing, and all is proceeding as it must – for your freedom and for your utmost safety.

The dark ones are being rounded up. We have it under control, for ultimately the light always wins, does it not? Have you not seen this in your own life? Love triumphs all, it is true, just as the movies say. (Although not many of your films portray such hopeful messages as of late – won’t that be fun to fix, to change the culture of movie going?) I must say please do dream with me about all of the millions of little ways that you in your god-light can leave little sparks of change on this surface world. Your power and creativity is immense. Apply this creative force to that which you see needs changing, so that your children’s children will have a totally different societal experience than you all have had. For you are the way showers – and I mean this quite literally, friends. You are laying the foundation for change, great and glorious changes, infused with God-light and infused into your forms.

We are so pleased and awe struck with how many of you are calmly dealing with reintegrating these powerful energy surges of Christ-light. You are taking it in stride, much like your Olympic champions. I tell you the truth, you wouldn’t have been able to process these current energies even last week – this is how much you are changing and how fast you are evolving. Think of yourself last month, last year, 10 years past; you are not the same person now, are you? You process things more maturely and have the eyes to see more clearly. You are much more perceptive, are you not? Rejoice in this revelation and celebrate your successes! Many of you are too hard in yourselves and too serious. Laugh more! Lighten up and try to enjoy this experience like none other that you – or anyone else – have ever experienced before. And you have a thick portfolio dear friends. You do. You can’t remember yet, but you will, I assure you. And please remember that you wanted very much to be here.

We pledge our eternal love and support, our friendship and guidance when required and requested! Our hands of friendship are eternally extended, for we are all one. One! Ha! Victory is at hand. It is within you. Claim it friends, claim it as your own. Namaste.
» Source – Channel: Galaxygirl

One Reply to “Ashtar: Lighting Up”

  1. Wayne Hansen

    This is a nice article and saying “The dark ones are being rounded up”. But if we research on youtube “clone factory” and “Lucifer’s temple in Rome” we find out how much control the alien-demons have on this world. And it was being predicted by the late Sherry Shriner that Lucifer and the demons will appear on the surface and rule the Earth publicly. So we do not see any demons being arrested, but we see evil increase everyday.