The Council: We Are Transmitting to YOU NOW, The Embodiment of The One, You

thebluerayWe Are Transmitting to You NOW.

WE know you feel us through your Heart, which is opening even more, this moment.

Allow this Golden Diamond LIGHT to be felt in the fluid of your cells, like a brilliant SUN being birthed into millions of aspects of your consciousness.

There is a stirring a mixing, a shifting.

Your processing now, is the merging of timelines that you are held within.

The Embodiment of the One ~ You.

This magical process is akin to the process of alchemy.

Where one state of matter, shifts to a new state of matter.

All matter is frequency.

It is the LIGHT THAT gives it its consciousness that creates its form.

As this mixing and merging is taking place within your cells NOW, feel the gratitude in your Heart, for the arrival of your Heaven Sent God Self. And its eternal Presence.

You are shifting from one way to another, one timeline to another.

One way of being to another.

This FULLNESS of the ONE YOU, in its true eternal Glory is abundant and knows no limitation in its own awareness of itself.

Your form now clothed AS this Light Being of YOU the Beholden Eternal One, that you are.

For the consciousness of YOU within and without is taking on a new form. A new frequency.

Your surroundings are changing ~ you are changing within.

Notice the seamless transition of your transformation. As you gaze around and celebrate your newness.

The Vitality and unlimited energy as your eternal RADIANCE is the magnified Glory of your eternal Self.

Welcome THIS stirring of this Alchemy process within your cells. As the encoded DNA within your Blueprint merge with this radiance.

Mixing and merging.

Timelines and form.

Parallel worlds join together.

The LIGHT within your cells is now compounded as the accelerated frequency of Light as eternal GLORY, becomes the ONLY you that you know yourself to BE.

This inherent state arrives in its awareness as the fullness of what you know within your Heart TO BE.

Celebrate with JOY this arrival. This moment. This Love. This merging. This Radiance. This Eternal YOU ~ Now.

We are shifting this matter of which you call the worlds as the GLORY of the Central Suns forever shines Eternally, as the Full Embodiment of the sacred ONE. In all its beauty and splendour, shining the Light of Glory, forevermore.


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