Full Moon in Virgo March 1st, 2018; Facing What is Now

light shines unveilingThis Powerful Full Moon in Virgo is on March 1st, 2018 at 8:51 pm AST.

Facing what is Now ~ that is, what is coming up for you and BEING present with the experience. Not having to always like it, but being honest with yourself, of what is your experience. Allowing your Presence to shine its light upon it.

Breathing consciously helps you to relax into the moment.

Letting go of attachments and allowing you to be consciously more aware of your Presence.

Practising this daily, hourly, as part of your experience, will accelerate your integration, of what it is that is experienced through you. As well as feel MORE in union with your Divine Presence now.

Full Moons are very unique to each person that experiences it.

It is your frequency that reacts, activates or does not react or activate, with what is (the frequencies) AS  uniquely your experience, moment to moment.

To enter into greater trusting of what is taking place is always in your best interest, that is, FOR YOUR Evolution, stay present with your breath. Feel your body. Be present.  This freedom and trusting is the EVOLVED you, without any sense of resistance. You can align with that now and in every moment. It is perfect if you are not aligned also. AS every experience IS truly for your evolution.

For many of you this FULL MOON will open up your Heart to greater awareness of what it is you are actually going through. Through the eyes (perception) of your Higher Divine Self. Your God Self.

This is open for all Beings and always is, in all moments.

Your Breath will keep you present, to what is unfolding FOR YOU. Again, even if you don’t like it. AS everything TRULY is being perfectly aligned for the greatest Transformation and freedom for YOU.

This Full Moon has two major aspects. The Full Moon opposite Neptune, which will open your awareness to what is true for you in the moment, or not. What actually is. If you allow yourself to be present and align with NOW.

This Full Moon is also trine Saturn, which will allow you to be aware of concretely integrating YOUR transformation. That which you know as your experience with TRUST BEING applied, allowing you to more concretely BE as the non-resistance ~ Being your Higher Self.

Being the eternal YOU that lives AS Being the Trust of your Divine Self. Your Divine Plan through your Blueprint.

Your Divine Experience.

Your Unfolding of YOU.

Through Grace and Love, you are Evolving NOW.

No need to wait for the Full Moon….or any cycle. Trust now all is unfolding perfectly. AS it is.

What is the greatest for your Evolution and the Evolution of All.

Now ~ it is ~ Breathe this in. Stay Present.

In love ~ Happy Full Moon…..Activations….


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