Heavenletters: Let God’s Answers Come to You like Quiet Snow

heavenlettersGod said:

How do you know when a thought that comes to you is Mine or yours? No bell goes off. No light flashes. No angel appears to point a sword to a sign that reads “God’s thought” or “individual thought”. And so you try to discern and make life harder than it need be.

Sometimes you just know, and sometimes you simply don’t. But when you do know, it is not from analysis.

That is why it is well to start off your day by calling Me to your awareness. When I am firmly planted in your awareness, you come from a higher plane. That is intention. Intend that I be your Guide. Intend that you hear My guidance. I cannot fail you. And you will not fail Me.

You will hear Me as an impulse. You will hear Me as a mother understands the meaning of her baby’s cry. The baby’s cry sets off an attunement in the mother. In this case, I refer to you as the mother and the cry is My song to you.

‘Tis of thee I sing!”

We have a golden cord that connects us. Whichever end of this chain that is pulled, the other end feels it and responds. I tug My end a lot, and sometimes you are too busy to notice. But I always notice even the most delicate pull you make because I am sensitively attuned to the beat of your heart. The beat of your heart rumbles in Heaven. And the beat of My heart rumbles on earth. The beat of My heart rumbles on earth through your own simple heart.

We are connected by a two-way speaker, My heart and your heart.

Don’t concern yourself so much with what you have to do or what decision you have to make. You have made one, and that is to hear My song.

Your intention is like a beep that goes off between Us. And, of course, your intention is in answer to My song. So, of course, discernment is not the trick. Intention is. And I have intention for you. That is My song. It is made of My intention for you.

So what you really are asking is how do you know when you hear Truth or when you hear echoes from the past, for My children dearly want to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Once you start the process, you don’t have to watch it. I am the Process.

Once you address yourself to Me, think not of decision but of Me.

Turn the switch on, and allow Truth to appear. Don’t worry it. Don’t toss Truth around so much up in the air from your right hand back to your left and again.

Watch Me. Allow Me. Know I come. Know I feed love into your heart.

Behind any purpose you have stands your intention to serve Me. Know this, and you have bigger vision automatically.

Be not so concerned with what is right and what is improper. Be open to Our connection. See Me before you. See how firmly you walk when you know that I am leading you.

Let Me be like a perfume you wear.

Let Me be like a tune that fills your mind.

Let Me be like a breeze that stirs your heart.

Let Me be like a sweet taste in your mouth.

Let Me be your vision.

You have pledged yourself to Me. You have no more decisions to make. They are made. Your decisions are made in Heaven. Listen quietly. Do not wrack your brain. Let My answers come to you like quiet snow. Individual snowflakes descend from on high and cover the earth with a whiteness that leaves no doubt of its arrival. But the snowflakes fall gently. The earth makes no big ceremonial. The earth receives the snow. As the earth receives snow, receive My guidance. Quietly accept it.

There is a cry: “Hear me, O Lord!”

That cry was misinterpreted. It was My cry, and I was saying: “Hear Me, My children, O hear Me!”

And that is your cry now as well, that you rest your weary ear on My heart and hear My voice above all others. Hear Me, My children, O hear Me!


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff