The Angels: Emotions and Your Inner Compass

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be kind to yourselves. You are all going through a period of re-birthing. It is a time upon your earth when that which lies deep within you, and your planet, is coming up to the surface for your consideration.

Just as the molten lava flows from the volcanoes – carving new channels and pathways in the land and even creating new earth itself –  your hopes, dreams, fears, and unexpressed feelings are coming up from your depths as well.

The thoughts and feelings emerging from within you are trying to guide you to make positive changes in your life, to live more in integrity with your own spirit, and more authentically with others. Love itself – the heart of the Divine, that has been lying dormant within you for eons – is making its way to the surface of your consciousness in ways you might have never experienced before.

Pay attention to your fears, your upsets, your joys, and your inspirations. Your feelings are talking to you, telling you where your energy is aligned with your desires and where it is not.

Excitement, joy, passion, and inspiration, or even subtle feelings of rightness and content tell you that you energy is aligned with your dreams. Focus on that which feels like love. Entertain the thoughts that give you joy. Pay attention to the dreams that make your heart stir and indulge in time to fantasize and feel their reality within you. Listen to the subtle inspiring urgings to act when they arise from within.

Honor also your upset, fear, anger, jealousy, discontent, and other unpleasant feelings for these are telling you where your life and your thoughts need to change. If you don’t know how to change yourself or your life, start with a prayer, and a commitment to sit with your angels asking for help while you sit, breathe, and receive. Start by envisioning a better reality and allowing yourself to feel its presence within you.

Don’t push your feelings aside because it is nearly impossible to do so, given the energy upon your planet earth. Instead look at them, listen to them, and learn from them.

  • Joy what are you trying to tell me?
  • Anger, what are you trying to tell me?
  • Sadness what is it we need?

Talk to your feelings as if they are little beings because indeed they are little people living energetically within you.

If you like you can even ask, “What does my joy look like? What does it have to tell me?” “What does my anger look like? What does he/she have to tell me?” Use your imagination and soon you will begin a dialogue with your own feelings that is as clear and real as the guidance you will receive from the angels. We will help and assist you if you ask.

Dear ones, your feelings provide valuable guidance as to what works for you in your life and what does not. They tell you which thoughts, words, and deeds are aligned with your dreams and which ones are not.

Use your God given right to change your thoughts and feelings when they don’t uplift you. If you do, you will begin to create new opportunities and new life as surely as the lava flows which emerge from the depths of your Mother Earth are carving new pathways and laying down new land.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I have a great respect and love for “Pele” the fiery spirit of the volcanoes who is said to be a “goddess of death and rebirth.” Of course everything is an aspect of the One love that creates us all, but I think we all relate to some aspects of the Divine more than others.

Years ago I’m pretty sure I met the spirit of Pele. I was visiting a client’s art exhibit on “Transformation” when a woman looking like a Hawaiian bag lady walked into the gallery. She wore old jogging shorts, a yellow windbreaker, and ragged looking t-shirt. Key chains clanked off her belly bag, and she looked slightly inebriated. When she stood in front of the art however, she began to transform.

A powerful, loving energy radiated from her as she stood in front of each piece and to our surprise, did graceful, powerful mudras – sacred, ancient hand movements, said to evoke healing and balancing energies. She turned to us at long last and gave each one a very brief but pertinent psychic reading. We were in awe of the spirit that had overtaken her.

Suddenly I went into semi-trance and began channeling the angels. I forgot most of what was said, but at the very end, I recall them saying, “Dear Pele you have cried many tears for the children upon this earth but know there are many of us who honor and love you.” She cried. I cried. I don’t think either of us fully understood the interchange. It simply felt like love speaking to love – two women in trance engaged in a dialogue between the angels and a spirit of the land. She left and we never saw her again.

“Coincidentally,” the next day I received a package in the mail from a client in Hawaii, who had mailed it three days prior. In it was a lava rock and a note. “Usually we aren’t supposed to take these but the angels told me to send you one. It is called Pele’s tears.” Goosebumps ran up and down my spine. I have it to this day.

The rock, and Pele – the consciousness of death and rebirth – remind me that everything that comes up from within me is trying to “lay down new land” in my life as the angels say.

A month ago when my feelings were hurt, I knew I had to go within and nurture myself more. At times in the past, anger has been a clear messager telling me to treat myself with greater respect.

Conversely my good feelings guide me as well. Last week I was been praying to know how to “optimize” my new website (speed it up),since I’ve done all the things the standard articles suggest. Suddenly I had the inspiration to Google a specific phrase where I found an inexpensive online class. I couldn’t seem to channel the newsletter earlier, so I followed my joy to have lunch with a friend. Now, although it is late, the angels came through easily. They knew I needed a breather.

The angels say that if we look at what is going on in society now –  the huge emotional outcries and ensuing changes – we can see that feelings, even while they could certainly be expressed in a more loving way, are triggering much-needed dialogue and growth.

The angels always guide us to listen to our feelings as signposts on the path, attempting to guide us to greater joy. When I do, my life flows beautifully. When I don’t, I feel stuck. Can you imagine a volcano trying to block its flow? Far better to allow the movement of energy within us, and learn from it.

Here are some pointers to help you listen to the wisdom your feelings have to offer.

1. Let it erupt and burn it off

Sometimes the so-called negative feelings are pretty intense. Before you can reap the rewards of their wisdom you have to “erupt” and “burn off” the excess charge. You can do this with something physical like exercise, or what I used to call “Vehement vacuuming” – cleaning house with vigor!

You can do what I do and journal strong feelings. Start by making a clear intention. “I wish to transform and learn from these feelings I do not want them going out into the universe and hurting anyone. I put a bubble of love around me while I vent and ask the angels to turn these denser energies to love.”

Then write, write, write, until you are ready to see the “message in the madness.”

2. See where they want to flow

If you have a joyful thought or feeling, focus on it or act upon it. Sit in bliss. Think about all the good things that happened during your day before bed. Focus on gratitude.

If you have an unpleasant emotion (after you’ve burned it off a bit) ask it, “What changes do I need to make in attitude or life?” Love is always trying to flow through your emotions, positive or negative, giving you clues as to how to create a more loving reality.

If you ask the angels to help you hear your own heart’s messages they’ll amplify it.

3. Ask a friend

If you can’t see your own wisdom within your feelings, ask a friend. What do you think this inspiration, excitement, joy, anger, sadness, etc. is trying to teach me. Brainstorm. You will find great wisdom reflected back to you.

Stuffing feelings never leads to a good end. Nor does taking them out on others or expecting others to fix them. Instead, allow them to flow in a constructive way and they’ll bring you guidance, and healing, beyond your wildest dreams.

Love you all!



» Channel: Ann Albers


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